Interview: Darius Rucker

Tuesday, January 23rd


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Every great. David Barrett trucker. Darius Rucker you begin to see Iraq read an easy so dear is an anonymous you. I don't know the Erickson. Did well the same spirit that. I'm jealous of that because my name's John Leo I have to I have to clarify more what that and literature and we've got Darius Rucker with those who were distilled because Darius is coming back to San Diego and well part of negative it's Saturday August 25 so it's a waste on the road yet but will always seeking excuses chat up time with the areas rocker. You were doing great and you know when we found out that you are coming west this little clip of audio we wanna play for you is my mother in law with her expressions and it's how what makes us feel that you're coming back well and also has did you ever to receive puke you cover some great songs. There cannot. Quote unquote out of the format and really hit the rocks a police armor when needed purple rain so well I remember when you do know digging the Jimmy's mom in law comes on the show and she'd like to see things like how. Dick Cheney so while one does not that I had fun with a satellite might enjoy this because your gear is ordered to check this out. To play to what do you. You just have dignity it's about. When you went to. Tactic if I. A tough I've I. Isn't it like to know but at bat boy so. So maybe I don't want to do your show you your your long since established as a great performer but maybe if you ever would do no dignity again you bring up like 55 grandmas yeah. And have them veto. Would be an item of the clinical wound up. Analytical laboratory. A billionaire is truckers are fifth. Record is when was the last time for the first time is currently is killer right now in case on palace on spiteful but I'm much envious of of the right now where you're at in your life. Because seemingly you know in a position where you can basically do whatever you wanna do is add a liberating feeling or in my way off base with that. You can feel the way around so long ago. The most part drug Pickett never you know what the a lot of work to be like I guess I have to do that that's what you wrote in a bar that's why we're sort of what you do. You know I've. Like to be our department and let our good the ravages of time but I don't feel like yo I criminal or couldn't. All right so taking it off on to something else now who are you rooting for for the Super Bowl please don't say Tom Brady and the patriots. I'm really rooting for the big is that a good. Other onto creek could become governor for the long. There and there there are a little below that. Level elsewhere and really well pickles I think the actual. I think you're right Jerry's word do you watch the Super Bowl do you water do you stay in the comfort of your own home probably lose gruel below. You know what now maybe you could hear an official report and thought. You know OK and. Hey I got a Darius is the most expensive ticket nevertheless the cheapest seat right now they're 4500 bucks of the need some extra change on the snow laughed yeah. Bought no commitment did you look at. What we're looking forward to seeing you Darius Rucker with Lady Antebellum. It's going to be a great concert season and we wanted to gallop a little more mama Barbara a pioneer. Like our food. To play you plan to use it. To win one of the reasons. It get this done. I've ever entirely there are a lady Haywood Darius Rucker co headlining to a great idea by the way the good friends that you guys are it's going on Saturday August 25 add to a mattress firm ample theater. A mega ticket is on sale this Friday August 25 can't get here soon enough in as speaking for morning shows everywhere. Thank you for showing up as an eagle on a Saturday night were stoked for this one. And we're going to let a book.