Interview: Darius Rucker

Friday, June 16th


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Darius Rucker has now. Said in the number one songs on country radio not to mention all as massive success and who the blowfish. If I told you the latest here. Darius is playing in the San Diego County fair ten night joins us now hi Darius. You have and we are great thank you for calling this morning or. Serious or silly things and we'll talk to has been whilst we've spoken the first couple of congratulations first of all happy Father's Day early thank you very much are you secondly congrats number one song and America would have told you. That's pretty well and compete you pick it. Also just by coincidence obviously on a rerun I saw from me I saw you on undercover boss what a beautiful thing you did for those three those those three different stories and and the couples and their music you're an awesome guy and you just made their life. Thought the most revenue was great to go out and found no link going in to do believe we do it was. It took three hours in the care mourn put makeup on that oh look at a. I picket get a really good job of disguising you zappa played a disguised due respect think they did you're dead giveaway though you're dead giveaway is your laugh man. Yeah and but blood the yeah I didn't have been doing that you're. Yeah early Darius Rucker Darius is returning to the San Diego County fair that shows tonight tickets are available at KS ON dot com let's go back a few months Darius if you don't know Darius Rucker is an alarm and a gigantic fan of the University of South Carolina who advanced to their program's first final four ever during the college basketball tournament in March Derrius did you really during her Hootie and the Blowfish concert watch your game Cox advance in the final four and while you're doing the show I think. Yeah we play elect for functional than a year in the lotions or the year and then denied of the elite eight and you can go along blind woman stuck in store and so we had three big TV. Brought into the I would like this we'd and that's probably cable. Back in the eighties you're in college in the Red Hot Chili Peppers were put in clubs and return it. Clothing Columbia where we're going to school and not the lakers were all. On the finals in they wouldn't go on without the lakers you don't see these little states so. You know we couldn't praise from their book and we had we do that TV's gonna we were what do what we could. That's so great I mean I had a really hard to concentrate now. Public apprised I think the reason why that couldn't it became like Baylor or when I opened it. We had the whole game by double digits in the so we were as well really pay attention it'll close. Well then. It and a real problem but not all of them. Kim added a last second shot tied game nearly two on the audience who are you sure. You can put a couple of the. There's going to be that we will what happened to have been a little bigger taller noses stop. Yeah I'm Darius Rucker is with us the show is tonight San Diego County fair super excited I'll listen we've got a bunch of people in studio right now for a Father's Day show we know how much you also love being a dad can you share one your more recent dad's stories with us. Other than the Lotto loot the Lotto whom. For Ellen but a couple of years my dog over the middle school and is that for the fifth straight gentlemen. She was dead three Brothers video game. And only now will live if you go to Christmas from the Bronx who didn't should public will be keeping good groups globally bigotry and what out of school today. We'll probably look for an upfront the that your rock stars who were ritualized you do that war as an army. Senior tomorrow we're doing OK do you do re going to not. You don't not paying public I let you live in my. Al right do you girls are more. Admirably you've got no New York debating the ripper you got it took between. They're typically it's the kind of a job. About a. Within. They've been a particular time this morning we know you got a lot going on and of course a show to do tonight so rest your voice. Again happy Father's Day early on behalf of all the dads here Reid too can't wait to party with you tonight moms too at the San Diego County fair that brought on various things meant.