Interview: CountryFest Headliner Chris Lane

Monday, May 21st


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You know that Chris lane is identical twin. And he has brother tried to get away with. Switching identities when they were in fourth grade digitally Chris lane is also our headliner. For KS Owens country fast recently we hang out aboard maroon Carlsbad Chris lane original attempt. Having this conversation about I'll pumped. Chris swain was while enjoying a Turkey salad. These are gobbling country fast. You know I can't wait to get out there and do my thing in half on then I'll be hang around for the rest and I just kind of taken at all and Chris are going to sunnier personal history if people don't know you have a twin brother yeah and it was when I identical are right sell something that you did in your past is identical twins that you can share now that impeachment trial. In the fourth grade we tried to switch classes. In that did net that it workout because. Kids obviously loves say little is not Christmas I've glory you know I mean it. The answers yet the teachers found out that and we throw that race funny what was distinguishing difference nun who was who. I think just mannerisms and actions and he. I don't know I mean we're so similar in a lot of ways but. I think when your promise enough disease it tells are so your mortality you're better looking at things that. Younger until we are looking at him because he's not here's how. We are proud to announce that crystalline is also going to be headlining the next kissel and country fast. July 14 Del Mar fairgrounds. What are the big time Bailey thank you I can't wait any time I get a chance to. Come to San Diego sun media always. I I don't think we've ever had anybody conference on now you know now everybody's gonna wanna get a San Diego for sure for sure we're looking forward to having you think you. For headlining for hey thanks her thanks for bringing me and I and I'm looking forward to that thinking of bringing new and bring us into what goes down in your life after your done work he's that you're in jail for a while I'm gonna third down man I'll be here all night long own markets at discount taken and I'll watch the performances and just yes. So my first time here so I just. Acknowledge Chris lane again thank our best July 14 yes can't wait for that show and again Carly pierce and don't Scott also part of that shelf. Happening July 14 it's Saturday Del Mar fairgrounds. On the sign up now to become a kiss when loyalists or you're not okay because you get the pre sale on Wednesday. Throughout cast wait till Friday limited amount to get to start just at ten dollars so again wanna see up there. Four countries has been brought to raise San Diego County credit union course like and Subaru Levitt's makes a Subaru a super.