Interview: Charger Matt Slauson

Thursday, July 7th


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We'll know the DC and he would chargers still country KE SO and as idiots like for football season when John and Jimmy in the morning so let's meet one of our newest San Diego Chargers yeah. So everybody kind of got. Should that be nice to have you here vivienne we've been kind to you so far here in San Diego people been receptive you get your vibe yet what's going how absolutely. The recession I've received ever since I've been there's been nothing but positive a lot of fun. A lot of energy to match that started his football career. Pro football career in New York play for my Chicago Bears for a while not plea from my San Diego charge I kind of feel that we're Brothers in a weird not at all really in a way. Yeah I mean completely different sizes and and all that but I definitely see that at all except that you look nothing like you just like Brothers. Actually I think super talented football annihilate the bulls play Madden a zone and then go home now and again I heard that you are a major country music fan I do love. Country music star from made two put anybody on the same level of scarves yeah so he's like ultimate man he is the ultimate but then Alan Jackson Travis trim Brooks and Dunn guys like that could be honest he ever use your fame and your football talent to a deal with his country stars in new bettors seem to backstage. Now actually never. Last year was really the first time I went to a major conserved and it was. Brent L treasure and Thomas arrived last week I want to war that was. Motley Crue in my junior high school. Done differently to get on to some show yeah were a mess plus the newest San Diego charger tells them into a San Diego. Family loves it my marsh who cares just got out here. Over the weekend policy. You know we just moved in our house on Tuesday were open. Mountain so that's that's been really nice my wife loves that sun everywhere there. Kids the kids are already Tellme dad California is the best place so we've moved we've lived there you. My oldest says it's sunny every day could hardly ever rents and never snows but we still get. Especially I can't wait until Christmas time honestly this was something that I found out with my kids. I'm real as they were super excited to and Elena surrogate a little homesick and then on Christmas Day. We all got into our swimsuits and put on Santa hats and did our own what we called our polar plunge into the pool. And we got to do. That that photo then became you know our Christmas card for the next year and that that they never stopped talking about that about half yep we want so we can go visit but loving the weather here absolutely yeah. It's it's on its unreal were at Max Lawson offensive linemen the newest charger he's going to be protecting Philip Rivers and getting our running back some space this season. Worst you have a guy like Phillip and run run things he's he's just smoke and an incredible talent and we've got a lot of Stubbs. Our man to man. And so I think I think we're we're definitely gonna have a lot of fun we would like to consider our senior official welcome wagon for you and your family so he needs something and then I was in North County. Yeah invite him up for grill up really cooks and meanwhile dip in our full blown. Well I really appreciate that half. He's not a joke any toll worlds in Dublin are unrelated all right good luck is just a healthy man yeah thank all right instead of the guys for us especially Guinea would head into now. And a commitment join us now please any time. My man let me do a quick. Karma plug here. I'm a huge. Ford truck especially diesel so I'm very passionate about my family about my country music Obama trucks and Harley-Davidson's. Money and that's it. I'm Soledad we're doing well airline I really like bare also there. It's kind of heard this is like DiMarco over capital world so met again come back have a great season OK you can stay healthy parent thanks guys feed Kennedy.