Interview: Brett Eldridge

Friday, April 20th


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San Diego's number one for new country 1037. KSO and the just heard Brett Eldridge the long wait is about to become number one and Brett is joining us this morning. With John and Tim in the morning one of three southern KS ON and a gorgeous day today look for highs in the upper sixty's upper seventies even warmer for the weekend to hear you. Our hello he has some how are you. We don't do I can hear your smile on your face which is free attend because I know how beautiful it is why forgiven that my you gave me this smile. You are. Really you Appalachia. Which Bruno would bring something John is that why they ask you since we found out we had the opportunity to chat with you. Can't they approached you to be the bachelor and all. In they I was when I was. As a group. Couple years ago I was playing on the catch some watching the bachelor and which I don't want you to watch a veteran so unreasonable and on deviancy is the president has yeah. The rulers ruined and I hope I live tweeting about it this could over I was so fascinated about the weird stuff so gone are the girl that. We're gonna wanna date as you are really drunk the rose ceremony or cause they're better off standing. By each other and these the roses and the screw it almost broke up on the whole program of though lower vote craters that have on land and the people are talking about how that's due next bachelor and extreme innocent People Magazine and it was just like. Wildfire figure mostly it's a bit. I'm not pick up I come this going to be a bachelor Ramon. A TV show but can I do that Barbara governor Linda I think. Many of us dudes configure about the one true love that we found ended up yakking on the girl next door in line so I. At that. Read Eldridge is our guest congratulations on the long when Minnesota gray Brad Eldred Sony got this niche going on right now. I'm thank you are marble or going to have a niche that put him out where it's hard well of sharp as an artist community do you wanna have that. For me it's got a corner I was going to be you know won't be me I want I want to. You know have some of the resonate with them and resident. But the other songs and kind of loan thing and that's. That's some are strapped for I appreciate everybody kinda. Let me for me in the in the music guy makes I've been very fortunate enough for sure you know. Well the reason I bring up the whole quote unquote niche thing is that has to be tremendously. Intimidating. To be an artist in today's day and age. When it that the attention span of the American public is zero. So you have to have a niche you have to have something that people latch onto and you've done it man. And well thank you yet it is companies view it's very conscious of Providence saint Landry in litigate your way of this treading account for your heart but it's right. I think that's what I guess. Of course there was this with my regular assignment whether they call themselves some in me and I guess they liked what I do and I'm a rookie wrongdoing you know. While we love what you do to Brett Eldridge com quick question for you because you've been doing a lot of very fun things you did some. Did deep sea dive being in and what is something that is on that your bucket list of things to do that you haven't attempted yet. Note the number one vet the years I've come from behind them some less so how do. Debra would challenge himself every coming out number one record to go do something and a bucket list. One of them is. Yet that. It's called bitterness sky okay you Google it yeah I was good or I've seen pictures out of which was enough to make my stomach all the my feet and I stopped looking. As you sit and it that it fancy dinner table right it's loading are hanging from a crane and you have dinner and some. I guess appear panties on and on and look at Asia patrol boat two bills. While. Oh my god watching her right now you are literally on a crane eating dinner. Yes and yes there's one person team their pants and that. Pervert anyway yeah with Brad Eldred a long way is as this close to getting Brad Eldred another number one stunt. A letter to make you know the grizzly bear having dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower who knows what's gonna Evelyn Brad but. Oh we can't wait to be a part of that every step of the way with you when you come back to San Diego cal. Terms of reform coming up through here around hopefully I'll let it go on vacation American swarm of very replace him up if not. Just remember the right spot where to go and of a show about their beats one day. Yeah it didn't manage to that found out there. We're Serb or pro am for on the go we can be there the. Aldridge is our guests listened enjoy what's going on your world we know that you are things are always being so cool with us and we'll sit Jeff more when you get San Diego OK Brett. Found the same area as has been amazing to me so I love young and good cockpit. I'm Bret take care now. This is telegenic in the San Diego County credit union traffic center.