Interview: Brandon from LANco

Thursday, September 14th


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Polanco is on the charge right now with the song called the greatest love story. Hi John Jimmy Barrett who Brandon for Blanco ran into. Yeah. Arthur Lan cast are welcome to the show. Are doing well pal thinks he should know that everybody on the show I always give the middle name our third two as if I'm talking to them sternly. It be a bonus for you truthfully if your middle name was in fact Arthur. You know it's like you said you know like he got the middle they've talked about building your ardent. Fool like and why not look like. Yeah plus is John is ever come and actually getting somewhere Yunnan and everybody's middle name on the show is Arthur until I'm told otherwise you couldn't even Carrie Underwood that's been literally yeah. Law I column in a correct you go without the coaches in America. And how weird is that it is hard after your grandfather that in my grandfather yes. Well it's a great name integrating when I haven't heard a while. All right well we're talking to Brandon from landfill congratulations to you in the boys do we met stagecoach earlier this errand you guys were so. Equally pumped in and I'm not saying this to disrespect you guys and all but why I'd like all my god worry a year man and a wrong about that. No doubt well I mean you know it's. Look we're prefer to confirm three years have been banned for years the art creamed them are here just your travel the country to play event like eight urged. And playing their best of older and show we're gonna play earlier that readers take your ball land and that that they you know. We've been together for almost five here is what we don't really ever wanna prove that why I aspect purposes. What we want what we dream and so it's certainly reject every it was that there are count excitement to be that. Right unethical legal about the things more with Brit in Lancaster from the group land co Corsican and accuse Owens country fast Christmas they're also going to be your sooner than outdoor coastal country GM all right since you're alone and you can call everybody outlets play a little game of who fits this description. I'm IR IRA Brandon which one reviewer is the OCD person seriously OCD. Chandler and in what way he was an example. Just you know like. Is the kind. Who battled wrote this just in case like you or your UK should perpich. And it's like you hit it hard but there are hundreds if we're like on the books remote control are going to be. All straightened out coffee makers can occur there are. You are. As good as it does sound guy you want him on tour with yeah. Yeah it is our view form could I can't say are looked certain to like. I was there about that gel as a bass player and anyone knows music knows the bass player in the drummer who is happens to be trip in Blanco. They keep the time of the day and so they have to be perfect. Yeah you know they're fighting there are being code trying to trick the other ordered troops and you know. Terrible war crowd like the kind of it will order you know we you know spent all real hard now. Premiere organ. You know I there'll be yet it could tell Eric expect. We're talking a brand in Lancaster of land code the rest of Ben Chandler the bass guitarist Jared on keyboards trip the drummer and Erica the guitarist. You guys are playing coastal country Jim coming up next week in and of course back in KS Owens country since Christmas in December we will see you guys bend then can't wait. Thank you very much looking forward to this.