Interview: Bobby Moynihan

Monday, October 16th


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Our next guests a nine year veteran of Saturday Night Live one of his most famous characters it was them drunk uncle. The nowadays. The China. We have the me. Or should they. John uncle also now star of a brand new sitcom me myself and I've body morning and is joining us Bobbie it's great to meet you welcome to our show. We're doing greens I have to say that me myself and I is a very intriguing concept for this television show having three different actors. Play a person in three different parts of their life. Yeah more luck I do. Thank you have a direct answer. I. It's got to be super stressful obviously very Tressel to be on Serra alive but to make that decision. Believe such a huge show especially when it's never arguably. 81 of its highlights ratings wise. To go to really tumultuous world of sitcom television was something that you spent a lot of time thinking about. Yeah W favorite terms like a pretty sight get a pretty stupid thing. And I couldn't. Or not a. But as a yeah of course I mean I was simple once you get that you know he's start thinking about how how you're gonna gracefully exit bad bad bad place and there are. Trying to strip just came along well what was written public three times sore and I need to jump. Mostly it was it was a good for you. It's funny you said gracefully exit exit I remember correctly when you're you're on your last Saturday Night Live you were carried off the stage by a couple of light weights Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin. You know you had that career and you're working with the way the legend of John Lara can't you just like you still totally buy your life Bobby join him. Of course yeah every day ended its excellent work very hard to get here but it's still pretty it's extremely hard definitely not lost on me. Bobby mowing man is our guest the longtime vet of Saturday Night Live. All right about the all time favorite guest host on Saturday night live's. That we changes softened. Supporting Lee Burke was well I'm trying to think it was weird ones and I haven't served before Blake. It gave it changes the ball for different reasons like Sigourney Weaver was somebody who. When I. First started she pitched a stretcher and she really helped me get it on the big the world apart what may have changes are people like Adam Levine warrior just like. With Adam Levine for sure about cult like I don't care about a movie at a a putt at at what it turned out to be one of the nicest yards in the world Israel's bombs to play with a welcome. I like post and hosts where you don't really all the sub you know really you know you don't really know what you're gonna get may turn out to be wonderful. I am going to hand it is our guest I have been such a fan of your work. I'm wondering when when some delay drunk uncle comes around and all RG all worked to get that spotlight and get debt now occurring character. After awhile though Bobby who is you're getting towards the end of your time and S and are you thinking you're drunk uncle again. No I mean you definitely wasn't a fairly flat feeling thank god it never got that point I think I didn't like ten or eleven times or. Public debt or. You definitely start towards the end going well. You know I don't wanna bird they're sound in your hand if one went well you go well that what went well also much. I'm glad you got something that's really good enough the last one out of the park just won't be as good as the last one or better like least we were would have collapsed was the last one Kovalchuk I was tired I was I was I was upset that the show was ending. I didn't feel a 100%. Bobby wasn't because you really worthy drunk uncle today. One might quell more than anything you know what yeah drunk and likely you are and you dad screwed up there exactly. Bobby morning and stars now I mean myself and I check it out Mondays on CBS and Bobby against. A thanks for all the last you got to really rewarding job he'd do well man. Thank you so much I appreciate it.