Interview: Blake Shelton

Friday, November 3rd


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The new Blake Shelton songs culled I'll feed the dogs off the new record released today text only surest. And we've got the man himself right now I've got a buddy we got three minutes with you we're not gonna mess around rapid questions what Blake Shelton let's golf. Are you make the move with the hash tag cancel a moving day. Yes but I'm not carrying things. Blake Schilb what does text only sure it's worth watered me to land you or failure Glenz for Thanksgiving. My say and your family or lands for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Was weird to see whole addresses you imagination. It was a horrifying and. That would be hurt our economy. And I don't mark got. Well the big restarted the church apart Houston church and well ourselves a believer. He says begrudgingly what's the perfect gift to give Blake Shelton for Christmas. Money. I'd rather blink then run a marathon. Had explosive diarrhea. Will you see Heidi amber midday host. Hello amber and if I couldn't be Blake my name would be. Lloyd lean in jump in Floyd Shelton. Should I go with chicken or tuna on my lunch salad chick and give me a funny answer to a funny joke. Ruby. I got my north Koreans had just learned that Joseph Blake Shelton have you signed another pregnant belly besides our producers just months ago. I. No other way and and make sure there was some. Testing area paying that made sure that there is no important area nine before I do that a you know as a baby doll good. The baby girl it's clear and she's five months and beautiful thank you Blake self Riverside in my belly. Out there note that effects could accept that she loves you more than the San. Clap of Blake Shelton what my pick is your spirit animal. Old. What it would lose the Muppets Oscar Oscar the Grouch. I thought for sure you gonna go with not animal. How are dumb old man has set up there and peanut gallery yeah. Blake Joseph when will you record with your great friend Adam Levine. One hell freezes over. What is the last picture you sent to Adam Levine and our Google. And a big problem is that ilk no one has a problem believing that. That is on the Lou nobody I think a lot of you out timeout I learned my god we could always. Well it's. Basically you go. And how it and it. You do on a copy of tech so much shores. I'll named the dogs congratulations and thank you it it would all sincerity for doing what you're doing for hunter you giving us the time we know how busy you are now. He got so much I love you all yeah. See Arab. All right as we do when you get three minutes with somebody who cooked up a cup series at a hold my breath for three minutes and I was on some time with flakes on the I do love it.