Interview: Bill Walton

Thursday, June 2nd


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Get a chance to meet the NBA legend in San Diego native son Bill Walton. This Sunday Groce wants and the man himself a legend I'm super excited about this. Is joining us right now on Cindy was number one for new country KS on you just reliever rights by the way and so on Johnson in the morning. It's going to be a warm day today and it's just getting warmer as we think it's closer look for seventies and eighties. Bill Walton is our guest is going to be a gross months and this Sunday his newest book called back from the dead he's going to be signing it for you on Sunday. Rosemont senator get that done bill thanks for the time know your busy two quick questions for you NBA finals start tonight really until last year Cleveland Golden State in the Golden State can repeat. I walked up to Cleveland is playing better right now and there's two factors that have to happen for. The warriors can wind up I'll be accurate all yelling body will be yet you want with my warrior sure Obama about how loyal breed award your Golden State. Number one. Step curry has got outplayed abroad even though they're not match up head to head out the way you basketball plays out. But team with the best individual actually. Last year that was. This year or direct Hershey's it's good step but right now Cleveland is off. Fine just please don't lose that defensive job and keep grew up on all the way from the baskets. Under control within one defender to make sure I assure her support to a pastor to wide open three point shooters Golden State has no chance right now. Cleveland is play in the best basketball the Golden State Warriors learned downward cycle they've not been clear that what they're winning. But they've not been this up and down when it's blowing your running usually at the sub they'll find some hellish. Solvent and that deep reserves of physical fitness club commitment upshot for quite some disability to a spiritual rock rock rock and it just. Look back estate. For the old guys we played as those final source to a huge spectrum of 2015. And 2000 if god doesn't matter there relevant toward the Golden State Warriors that we are toward your of the Golden State toward the champions of the world we are the best. Team can relate. Now I want to do something now with the math one more question bill listen just for me guilty pleasure I grew up watching you as a Celtics take on my favorite team the Los Angeles Lakers epic battles between careening yourself is Kareem Abdul Jabbar a big of a jerk as I heard he was or is he just misunderstood. Kareem Abdul divorce decree this cool yeah always wanted to look that guy he was my hero I wore number 33 united school at Hewlett because of Kareem and magic wore number 33 and Irish scored easily intrigued because of the Korean YE. Read about. I delighted this guy had his picture of all over my bedroom in my locker achieve which is everything and I just wanted to play against some of the I've played my best basketball against him a bad guys still proof. Fifty advice they had a typical day has left leg belongs to dismiss so here's the greatest player I ever played against bites or it wasn't even close. Tremendous push these incredibly Smart he doesn't suffer fools of nonsense she doesn't like bush spotlight all the court. He's demanded the spotlight that was the mark of the great champion that he was. I don't fantastic dude any she's super in Christie's got lots of things this series a best selling author. He's a screenwriter. And apparently writer is a great daddies 300. He's got it all the guys absolutely. Fantastic. Thank you so much Bill Walton for clearing that up I was again I was a kid man watching the Bill Walton and his Celtics team and he's taking on the lakers nose and legendary games you're here you remember those games. And by the way. Bill Walton join us tomorrow more Reliant Stadium county fair but Bill Walton join us tomorrow to talk more about the fact heat is going to be a growth on center and you can the get instant in his new book signed up from the legend himself. Did you know listing that is my Shockey needed no Bill Walton used to be a horrible starter I mean horrible. Listen don't talk now re. Amazing I think he left a lot of eyes and you can't tell the guys up now. How does a treat for me they can women do that Hollywood did so until they can now. He's cheering for gold's seeing good thought he was picking who we want to win. Daily physical as it went straight.