Interview: Big & Rich

Thursday, September 14th


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They're red gem a huge smash out right now from Al in the comes out tomorrow the singles called California. I didn't have maybe it's bigger enriched. With a pretty good morning gentlemen how are we eight. So then talk in the U. Kenny you're just gonna sing every answer I think Debbie great for the entire interview. Accept credit much that's what I was very cannot. It sounding good this early. Big minarets our guests on San Diego's number one for new country KS though and it's a big data got a great record coming out tomorrow did a for the party. We know it's a great record because California's been kill on at the new single smoke in her eyes. Guys you super busy we appreciate you making time for us this morning. Thank you got it you know you're exactly right when I went Kenny and output at a new record you can bet. There is a lot that's gone into that we we put a new record out about every three years so. He got three years to paint and write and record and come up with thirteen the I make a bigger targets that's a lot of energy a lot of lights going on and man I mean we can't wait for the fans to hear this because that spans. The big rich fans have had such a massive impact would that. On new records for instance our very first record. They went out bought it and it started college radio stations are requesting that little song I think was tracked number seven. Never intended to be a single called save or try to cowboys. She. I don't edit this the last thing we thought and then that you know they said that's what we wanna hear Switzerland and that's what we're gonna put out. A weaker in the same things are gonna happen with this record and it's always an exciting thing to put a new and now. I'm glad you brought up horse of a different color I want it did to shift gears for 12 I know later on today you guys are going to be attending the celebration Troy gentry life I know as a a heavy time in Nashville to having time for country music fans everywhere he brought up a wrecker which means a lot to me because there's two pieces of music that I. I remember as a rock jock getting in a country where I said I can feel welcome here in this format one of them was. Hearing hillbilly shoes by Montgomery Gentry for the first time and then 2004 when I first heard your guys is record horse of a different color two very important pieces of music for me and I think usury fitting that we're talking to you guys today. On the day you're saying goodbye and thank you try. Ochoa was at 11 hell of a good gap man mean. Anybody that ever met towards say it is he just walking or that gigantic smile on his face and like hey man what's up you know just always a big ball of energy and to lose him like that I can tell you rattled the entire industry of country music. And I know all the millions of fans out there. We just everybody misses amigo man alive what what a lot that is to leave them. Like it's it's hard to even as Cabrera and others seem real to us at all every artist that I've run into are seeing you every once just kind of got the somberness. To them and boil water order. I shake up but I guess the wake up call for all of those all the time that he is never know. When the roll is called up Yonder when the roll was called a gum. We are talking with our friends figurative got a record out today and I'm gonna say guys it's about time we need apart a little bit of the album rather has called a data for the party. Your guys' records rock so hard is it tiring to take them out as it was only be a stupid question but it's it's sometimes retiring to listen to them. Look at all the angles while we've learned and we've learned. It went out. Mean my god I got to college again when you live a few risks julliard tiger because you've been party UN talking about a. Our whole goal is to make sure that you are soaking wet with sweat your ears are ringing you got a slight headache. And Ali wanted to who's going to reform or shot to ground. And again. Nearly Johns has got himself a lot of one of John's famous awkward compliments recess something that's policy problem and it can be taken the wrong way. This is. It's not. I'm John I got a question for you because my husband is a big cigar smoke ring you are too. How many boxes of cigars and as human nor does it take before he's order I didn't realize. How many I had my husband made a start on the aisle but to me she went through 4567891011. Todd but he's got fourteen different kinds of cigars. In his human nor. Is it just can't smoke in Amber's got a lot of come on over. Now it's just chairman occasionally he he has about a somebody wants one. You know cigars or Cadillac why I am you know you'll you'll have different counts for different. Anger and. That's what he told me too when I call them Horner he's like listen. Thank you get the show orders that become lover and assess. It is actually a cigar order. You know I would be happy to come over and takes some of that supply outran. Well next time you are here in San Diego you're more than welcome to come over and pick and choose which you'd like I have. You better at camp Burton hit by the way we hope that soon as far as you guys come back to business and sandy who you are beloved out here. Were we're booking shows right now between eighteen. And still have several more for 2017 actually this year has been one of the big mr. deterring we've had the past ten years. And you know we have you got to thank for that because last record you know we had three big hits looking year run away with human to human eleven lately. And Napa California and you got it played all these songs. And that is really really kicked up a big stir. Without it out now that the that the bigger it's concerts last you know 101000 people pay how many people that your first big and rich. And your perspective now maybe you know every 10% of them it's like half or more. Of the crowd are brand name big ridge fans and people that are seen as for the first time so it's exciting to put out a new record like. Get a for the party and give the new standard name music man it's that it never gets cell. I love effect here especially in San Diego to we have so many. Young country fans who who not only love what's going on right now but they know all the classics too because they grew up planet it's just a really diehard country area here and most people would never expect that when you say San Diego. You know it's San Diego is known for a lot of banks and I think California. Is not only get that the beach going on four but there is always been. A classic appreciation the country music. That's come out of that area yeah. Great artists that came from the west skirts too so are you know we've always targeted incorporated a bit of classic listen. And the songs that news songs that we write that we try to take that classic net and slam it up against what we believe the future of country music is also went. Maybe. You know let's put a little little round and you hear those familiar but that always take it someplace self and boy I sure feel like we've done that it again on on this album was some of these songs on here don't get that Wal-Mart stores out there. Of course we do have heard of them yeah and. We get back. It's getting an you know everybody download the music now. On their phones to laptop or whatever they do which is great I mean that's got good June and get the poster McCain can't bigger caliber kids. Mark he can't get the posters tell at all the Wal-Mart stores across America have did it for the party excellence or add up there with with our friends that to wicks. Because we love those which argue that the left bar on the right. Ours is exactly you guys. Right exactly so we we joined forces with them and so when you walk in a Wal-Mart store you'll see big and rich and the giants stand these. You can take a picture whether it's pitchers have to explore the get the big and rich record. The actual copy and we did put in a giant poster for all the fans. Right and that's elects all right when you guys gear and holding John Rich cigars and a Scotch. And and we'll have a good time. Well no bill at all. Yeah yeah right that didn't help our comes out tomorrow and the guys who loved the San Diego okay thanks would be so cool all the time. Thank god.