Interview: Backstage with Little Big Town

Monday, June 18th


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Hey we're a little big town and you're waking up to John and jamming in the morning on kiss so yes you are and your way. Johnson and Moya are friends in little big town that was recorded just this past Friday as today at all. That's that's one word review for their show at the San Diego County fair on Friday night Wahl. Hole always listen to those four voices harmonize together and welcome to city is number one for new country 137 KO SO and super usual show. For little big town on Friday April 1 while wasn't that unusual whereas they played all of their heads. And it was really just hit fast so proud and happy for the success that little big town has achieved because it has not been easy. They opened with rocket man in the Elton John cover which is not a perfect with their voices they closed at boon docks which was spitting. Again with their voices carry however this is it's shocking to me a boon docks is by far the most popular song because even close to being a big is successful. The crowd went crazy for. They drinking aren't they went crazy for a forum on tune. They went crazy for girl crush on my guy and girl crush an amazing race. And better man that really boon docks went went down. And ones lost their mind that I had a wonderful opportunities it down with little bit before their concert. We've known the band for a long time we actually looking to Mexico with them. And our old station three years ago before it blew a huge. Inside scoop with DeVon it as the lead as its lead off the interview with most important compelling. Thought provoking questions ever. Okay all right so just a couple of quick questions you wanted to ask him questions and I know your saying out there he wanted to know you're on a desert islands and greet first. Does that conversation only. And going to be the sweetest. Because reason that is she would probably tastes like cinnamon and be real sweet. I'm having gotten like Andy MAS desserts I don't. Just Jimmie out of your way out we very pickled informants and we encourage you not get a little buzz. But I carry a little I don't know maybe when he first I tell you aren't better at continental body is so much good to be you be wasted I. I thought reputation he had as the it is not this would be very hardy model year would be RD NATO harbor and a button. All right so we can make the most obnoxious noise to everyone else. And what is it that's running not not one and a half year old daughter all right and it hasn't cared actors like. Is she she's looking at any manner and that she did laugh all the crap I'll relate. Cross country today and that on the only a little quality out there he did is unsound. Jeep I think and millions and my buddhism on this hey babe. That's not funny. That does not the most annoying sound I cannot answer. Inside baseball there and claim they say it loud I'm upset about auctions and and any anger doesn't have enough of a company nothing is all right lucky guy I think you guys. You heard Karen abruptly wrap up the interview with we love you guys which means age and her husband slash spam or he screwed that was a well Sosa back I think it was trying to refine himself he was now she's not at that way oh no she clearly did not got a bad that's not funny they yell yeah it was it was the it was that. It was great it was of Austin glare at the news and I'll take our great friends the city of county fair for his ruling out the red carpet for the big town and in some and you were so kind not only. To be in my date of my daughter and it was it was a wonderful night a I had by mail and incidentally. He's tried those thought massaging chairs of this if the city or county fairs and album all. Like Eagles take your shoes off might give me a break you don't their greater quarter. You sit down the volume 3545. Seconds of your foot massage bliss. Threw shoes through your shows and your socks weird. And assurance that interest Amos Ali it'll willful incidents for you a check at the foot massage chairs at the San Diego County fair Carter.