Hug a Cop Day

Tuesday, July 19th

Listener Steve is out doing the good work and organizing "Hug a Cop Day" to show San Diego's finest how much we love them. 

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The Eagles number one for new country cares so and Johnson the morning is 62. Well. Handed the he is just starting this week it's going to be close to 100 near the weekend that look for. How low nineties inland today in mid seventies ethical. Thankfully a lot of people talking about does the event yesterday when we just opened up the tab and I would be in trouble for them now. How could we will give us credit card not anything no after the hour and open up a tab that guys cafe. The leader in the Mary Jones is empty instead law enforcement under way to work thinking protecting us go get some leave. I'm Jonathan in the morning and it was is that what it was it was it was it just felt good. You wanna keep increasing their positive because lord knows we need at 619570. Number 1973. In Oceanside Steve what's up Steve. Anybody the call with Kelly about. And then there's all of the police. And we did that event that half point that you're ocean. Where we are promoted on social media can get people come out she'd be ocean current police department. And the initial. Call for Birdie Putt and never any beef jerky in the green cookies dear critical entry joy your great. I well look I'm a DJ can actually works kicked a couple of come on out we're gonna have music but I got hurt at BJ her son and and invited to comedic mileage has a Morgan just Brittany crude Kabul eight about appreciation party and so we had. Over a hundred people show up we at Fox News yet you can be achieved fair and then what we're saying on the light the whole time was. Take a picture with a policeman. Posted on social media with Arafat acts tag all of the police and let's look social media with the compiled his pictures of the police Erica in the community I really like that hash tag sales yet so we did that look after it went there Oceanside this coming Wednesday. We're going to do it in Escondido and our goal is every week we're gonna take a different pretty grim black beach media and we're gonna make any age jokes. Shine in the news media. And our real goal is that you're okay Tron and other people across the nation and opportunities. And that they will bring this conveyor police stations I want an historic Seattle David you bring little cheers and my mom preparing. That's right now is taking a very negative. And then typically they're afraid of the court yet. And she brought her kids because you owner chip and he always gonna hurt her chick there and he posts every week I'm gonna take a different treaty all around San Diego. Actually you know with enough. People talking about it and local media because they actually will get from actual cover on the things. Very will really take off that all of the police can be the next. Big movement. That's really I'm Steve and I appreciate your past you obviously very excited about this is really great idea. How one question though maybe many more can the ideal Hollywood limit because you get Tammy hug and a top. Yeah I mean she's she's going to be Augen and hugging again there's a yellow line that might take a game. You know I'll often hear that think you know the idea is he really just truth. Get their community and feel between opportunity to show my initiation to give people a chance an outlet. He'll be here right now we're only frustration on both throughout the eleven and the that yet. I don't I created a new FaceBook page called on the bully card ballot stuffing on it but we're gonna kill us. And you'll all think we're gonna make that appropriate conduct the website of the police or you don't I was being here really. Just more and a lack you won't have to out. Is so cool Steven again I appreciate your passion on the police dot org nice young men went to sleep now now exactly.