How You Can Help Victims of the Route 91 Shooting and the Santa Rosa Fires

Wednesday, November 1st


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We talking about that in just a moment also want to let you know that on Sunday. November 12 the Bernardo winery in Rancho Bernardo is partnering up with 22 other sand Eagle County wineries and what they're doing is a fund raiser. Com for all of the families that were affected. By those northern wildfires summon those wineries were destroyed needles homes destroyed the workers have no place to work. I imagine that I mean it's one thing to do with the devastation losing your home but now you don't have a job. So they've created a relief fund specifically for the winery workers and their families and also their pats. Mom dad there's a rescue that is gonna be offering medical services to sell on November 12. That will be happening from one to four and 100% of the ticket sales will go to that's a check that out for your calendar next weekend governor winery dot com. Josh is calling us right now Josh has a friend to name my coo is gravely injured. If the route 91 harvest festival shootings in Vegas and he's doing some really great for his friend to help pay his medical bills. Joseph we're gonna pondering her forum on Thursday night. He's he's paralyzed young so and so he's in Colorado now I don't especially care played. It. He's going to be kind going to be coming back in within the next sixty days and down. You know to try to raise some money or if you help with you you know rebuild and help you make an adult wheelchair accessible. Oh man this is just horrible Josh tell us tell us about Mike he's a local theater right. Good front Diego rock and outlined went to granite buildup now come on. OK okay it was he would do they send him to Colorado for specific care. Dealing with his jury. Yes don't think that the Colorado due to a specialty clinic that field all that he would brain trauma and spinal injuries. Okay all right this poor guy all right so and tell us about the fund raiser then give us all the details. So they're clean comedy show it to comedy talent. Comedy about it. Donating the site they're not taken any kind blunt my great dessert I shared in that they're they're waiving any of that. They're waiting to to light a minimum they they look. We just wanted to do something else now because really how can you help right now. They said that's what we're doing we're working carry that. You credible poll restaurant menu available on the comedians I've got I've got down. And I jet Egan you don't. I'm not the Bobby who does comedy all over. An adult and kid out so well winner of Seattle comedy competition. And it got me out of video about being a cat person person dog person that got over ten million viewed. In the last month and all those guys are donating their. Goes down the comedy palace on Claremont mesa boulevard great comics lots of healing laughter mentioned is it's a fairly safe comedy show. Thursday night door open at 630 shows start at 730. Aunt and I would also like to invite. Anybody who has who live at the concert. We just feel like they need an item laughter at that it's gonna. We can't just. You know identifier so we'll let you know charge I'd like to donate verbal might find it but it not you need an idol after it just come as well. OK so cool you Josh we haven't done this yet what your friends full name that was injured. Okay please give Mike our guys I mean he's got a lot of healing to do not only physically obviously but mentally as well and everybody who is. Affected by this is doing with their own way what a great way to do with laughter again this Thursday we'll have details I guess when dot com and I hope I hope. That is standing room only in as a line out the doorbell. No thank you Josh and our best again to you when Mike and all. Of victims of this horrific day in and in this unfortunately is not going away right now the switch healing needs to be done yet.