How You Can Help Officer Calvert Find a New Donor

Friday, February 16th


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Then it was just a few weeks ago we were having a wonderful conversation with officer art Calvert of the San Diego Police Department who was about to receive a kidney transplant. From his coworker and it was a great conversation were a laughing and having fun and it just. Shocked the next day to see that hours before this was supposed to go down. It was rejected and officer art joins us now still leading to kidney transplant them do and we're so sorry for what's been going down with you. Oh don't be sorry old again it'll bump in the road and I'll be just fine. Well your editor is amazing how much are many people would have that same type of vibe but good for you mean this is ultimately get together. And and try our best to help get this done for you. Well I really appreciate it thank you you know I was down a little bit and kind of bummed out when he came at the last minute sure but you know there are various other things going on the light side got a big boy pants on and keep on don't. All right so now there is an opportunity for someone if they are thinking about I would like to be a donor. They need to go to use CS the living donor dot org cracked. And then what do they do once they go there. There's a questionnaire that they sell out kind of we don't see it say. They're even eligible court but it SAR and a deterrent questionnaire. They need to put my name and Arthur Calvert. In my data birds and 111963. And then it goes to UCSD. And main screen about five people at a time and I'm so. If people wanna go to that web site I think can't help meet that conduct without somebody else who may be in this situation. And and you know plan organ which was would be terrific. What's so exciting and Tammy. You see SAD living donor dot org level that information about officer Calvert in the studio is wells is give us a call at 8332871037. If you could. Would you help you save someone's life yes very answer on CBS for everybody grant this is an opportunity to do so not to mention a man who served our city for over twenty years. Officer art we we're here for you we are praying for you and anything that we can do for you please don't hesitate to ask him I'm being serious about that I I think my they almost about everybody don't be like that. Well I appreciate it I mean just you do and that's forming and get the word out myself and others it is absolutely correct thank you so much about. It's lectured and unseated him he's always around her up up up up and I think I'm an 86 strongman I know you are you're you're an example to all of us about. What's that what really matters in life so you take care yourself please. Then that I'll do I've got two kids I got to stay strong keep them straight up you know. Are exactly right take care sir what. You are officer art Calvert please call us up if you wanna help 8332871037. Less honor officer art and all serve. With our National Anthem. I guess so I.