How Well Do You Know Christmas Music?

Thursday, December 21st


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Quick Tammy jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way you do very well at this game we're gonna make you. Enthusiasts know that's our head and that was what I thought oh hurricane impact not met. Hurry up welcome John Sammy of 137 KS ON. My partner is Tyson in Ramona and who's your partner my partner is Megan in Ramona are his organ do. We're gonna go back and forth them and you're gonna sing the Christmas Carol when we stop singing. Need to complete the Christmas Carol lyric by singing we'll see how well we do. All right good morning Tyson. And good morning Megan. Tyson and Megan do you understand the rules. All right nobody no need to be great singer here is a symbolic symbol CO2 although Christmas and it was. Mop top overhead will see how well we do was keep going to someone lobs up as well as right yet. All right and you start first remember. That is the leader by singing the leader. And I. I'll be singing it will be singing with you as a loss for together via. An injury. Chestnuts roasting on an open file there Jack Frost. Nipping at your knows. Yeah well all right here real Megan beaten. And injury you mean one eight Christmas and just like though once. Merry. I should and it. Tyson a year ago. Boo the weather outside is frightful. You. Mean the weather outside is frightful runs with rightful and but that something that so delight for I don't remember that right. If dealmaker if the weather outside is frightful but inside it's toasty perhaps most by the way warm. But it didn't look. Fire the fire but the light. Or Mary just got in there yeah airing guys admittedly better winning another tournament up but let me tell you one chance at your last phone a friend to Iceland. All right Megan here re down. Ole you better watch out he man and you better not pout. There and yours easier it gets harder here Rio. And. Tyson in Ramona yeah. And since no place to go. Life. Let it go let it grow let you know. So you breezy right now we're gonna get harder OK here read Al Megan didn't. Some day. A mean grandpa and and do linking to C rampant and com. It. And a man and a. And what didn't. And you burn are you there are bringing something. Hey I. Would. Clean. Up. Well they. OK but what did they do you treat dude scheme. He's Atlanta words. It gives us a note gives. Either. Aurora are looking to see. I am. It during. Laguna Akamai. I hiring we we gave guys aren't out meg going all right I got here well no he's right yes and no more help mitigate harder your giant but a poll on the our advertising here we go home. Powell. The blue moon. Christmas. With out June. And down the pump I'll be so Boone. Grit it out you'd. On the Megan I know I am. Now let's. Correct either it's so blue. Just hitting team and news. And a bag if you get this right you win our Christmas carols off. Here we go okay. Gone away in I mean Juno crew and for his and. Clone the it'll lower energies and slay. And without. It. Yeah. And and towns you. It. And I guess is how is god. Is we're Poodle and an owner and owner or near their evenings and it. Mary here that means maybe Andy is our winner. Whitney don't. And. Nice job as well doubled the of the Merry Christmas thank you for singing this early in the morning with us and singing well mine that. And me and guess what that means. And well because you're the winner you have a prize you have 100 dollars Hispanic Kevin Jewelers. Hide their family owned since 197533. Retail stores there's going to be one near you congratulations and make you take is your favorite Christmas carols. And I got let go by your reindeer my. Go ahead go ahead. And I. And my. Pool. Justly off mig. And.