How Was Hillary Scott Upstaged By Her Daughter?

Friday, June 2nd


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Hillary's got and Lady Antebellum returning to San Diego this Sunday mattress firm at the theater Hillary Scott joins us now hi Hillary how are am and Lady Antebellum it's coming back in town this Sunday and then the next week heartbreak finally comes out. Featuring you look good what I ice ice you remember rumor about a year and a half ago saying oh my goodness ladies taking a hiatus are breaking up the this does assign a group with breaking up and sounds exactly like what you guys needed to do. You know glad I couldn't agree more and that that's sad part is they're whatever we decided to kind of creatively. Reach that there is really kind of let out started calling it the kid that basically. And I accurate way to describe it weaker grip right or are really you know an extended. Spirit attacked and we can't let them might write about this record that went whenever we we said we're kind of taking a little hiatus like the the plan all along was to come back and say create together and what happened or plant ends. And Libyan military a marriage you know really stronger and more excited and her expressed an aunt. This is really cool and we're psyched to see you guys again brings in friends back to San Diego can you give us something fine net. That you caught yourself doing that maybe you learn from your mommy or daddy which he challenged like I can't believe I sound exactly like my mother or my father ray now. Especially as your mom now. Oh my gosh well okay though. I don't know it felt so whatever. Well I did manager appearance and debuted Adam. Mac credit line on agent then McClellan and I'd leave my daughter crash the stage and performed at their attack. I. Continent are on the Ellen yeah. I had and I issued it in okay I vividly remember when I am not top at all. Whatever we were driving in the car on the way to school I would really young out of John act it out that really count sheet that you have to know that not it's. So much I and and he played me that song and found there was such a full circle about it. Let credit for actually they can keep getting into music and where you know I'm running not a patient check Disney at this point. And I'm like OK what are really great classic. Are there everybody should know inch and that was one that I remembered and so being able to show her back and teach that in her LA it. And honestly Canada but not at your finger apartment for in that heat it's really amazing that the. Our I Hillary Scott and of course her band mates will be in town. This Sunday with Kelsey ballerina embrace it young. As we are kicking off another great show at mattress firm and the theater can't wait to see you show on Sunday Hillary gets some rest see how the boys forests and. Who actually really think you against your time it's been wonderful thank you and thought he later.