How Much Do You Help Your Kids With Work?

Wednesday, September 20th


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Are you helping your kids with their homework hum more importantly are you just pushing your kids aside and doing their homework forum. An alarming in my teachers are saying it's getting very evident. That the parents are doing homework for the students have a slippery slope that they have to face because lose and they accuse the kids of the accused the parents are you do that for your kids 61957. No number 1973. John Tammy in the morning okay so I asked our interest in -- you have to say 619570. Number 1973. Corey. You help because of their homework. They are and what happens yeah. What happens when you help them with your homework what's the scene like. I would give. And yeah that I coupled with the math and science stuff. OK I was just gonna ask you always wonder they ask you the how for what would they ask you how for the he'd be like I'm sorry you're gonna have to go to mom is not my Alley. I don't think it's homered in the import printed by. I should. That makes sense now this just happened to me last week my daughter Abby calls me she's in college she's a freshman year she's doing her homework. And she asked me grammar question Lou and I have to tell you it made my day not only clay answered correctly. Oh yeah. Yes I did staff admiral. Could I applied to. I love the fact is she still thought to call me I love the guy is literally made my weekend plus that's a right up your Alley to John that's you know that your degrees if she would have called NASA calculus question it would I want a harmless thought for sure Samoa was holding my daughter hostage Jews using a code. I. You know I didn't think it was okay. Yeah. I. Think that's. Carrie. All I can tell me I think icu do your kids home for no I did not I hadn't gotten it they would if they needed help on some things I were made. Give them avenues to go forward and help them but I never ever to make its homework no one ever help me. I mean it it was my homework you know if I needed help like finding supplies for something you try to do a project then my parents would help me with Salvatore front wasn't sure although the. And she comes you I think was Morgan is a disease be done tomorrow well then you end up like stay up all night help I would imagine doing that no I didn't do it I mean I stayed up with her till she got it done because I didn't trust that she would get it done that you just quit go to bet are we helping our kids with their homework too much. One we actually I actually help them build connection. But the a okay explain it's that we won't we basically my husband and I did not at work or hit each. And listen you know look at and then eloquently that the Californian election. The building. Yeah you mean he was supposed to go help and you did most of the work. Well and the way I need to quit until it. I don't even know what at what kind of remembers doctor. All I Seattle and do a model of a mission Don Ritchie breaking ground construction project to mono and that like he was supposed to volunteering doing at any didn't let you fell wealthy and UN data for my concede that. No we actually had a home and and really it. Could archive old advocate for our. Money Danielle wanna help no forget about it to federal and knelt at. I don't Stevie did you ever feel guilty about doing that for him. Yes especially since we didn't win. Yeah you're guilt. I'm a little note Judy brings. A lot of up and I'm guilty about this for not thinking. I hate to put. It was those imprisoned Jessica what's going on his burst in here do you is known Noah the Californian mission project that's now. Okay every fourth grader in the fourth regular and about California State Street culture and every fourth grader. Must do a project on the missions however they just canceled and people are. That they canceled the project itself yeah thing ever. I don't know could stupid reasons yeah I'll. Like everybody all the time I could diminish a budget and make model and it was no. We did know about this is our kids of my mind my youngest was on only a fifth grade when she got years though and we came from Wisconsin. Six years ago my soul soul did you do so you do the mission obviously. I can a couple of Oakland I'm an opponent no not I do her again I ordered one and it. Why in the should he do plagiarism mission now my dad made it. I want to make your parents live a little project that will make it as an example that ignored actually do it 619. 57 known number 1973. Or you get your homework done for your kids that the rank that up. I can imagine my daddy my. Didn't sit this out. It's never gonna happen 619570. Number 01973. Are you doing too much your kids homered for the media and at all.