How Long Have You Been Listening to John and Tammy?

Friday, January 12th


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Discuss texas' grade of the power of the KS or app you can listen to us virtually anywhere you and your Smartphone with you. I am a new brother rob butcher boosting up for osu is right now suburban Minneapolis last soda lone good morning Minneapolis plus. I'm sorry minus ten degrees there right now. Gonna make it to three degrees as this many millions a ton missile the a three degrees by this afternoon. Speaking of this many how many years have you been listening to John and Tammy we were chatting about this yesterday when. We had a beautiful listener give us a call on she said it's my one year anniversary of the Singh did Jon and Tammy. And how we want to know how long you been listening 6195. Now 1973. This is so awesome and our PS of one family has started letting us know how long live Alicea Johnson in the morning and this is marvelous. We go to Joseph I'm Sergio your downtown. Alec got. There are getting ready Cabrera actually beat Chile geeky here. We. John's daughter Julia how. Joke coach showed great to talk to you again. It act. Yeah I is that every time Obama is really good you're good. Our little segment John's daughter used to do on the show when she was younger. I'm now earlier we had a kiss when loyal listeners have to be listing three year Weaver single horn toot. And then just like I wanna get a mariachi band how many years I city north cinco five years who's been listening for five years to jot a team in the morning we'll give you a merry IGB and Joseph you are that someone. We thank you for five years of bombs and I'm sure super attentive listening. I'll take 30% does that. And the rhetoric because you've been with us for five years. Joseph. He teacher Harvey. This is for you. The night here. Bella and now this is in five years is again. You have got me. And I think that's. Absolutely yeah those elusive for five years. Good morning and yeah. I do to your suspenders tonight. And in my view my fielding Wright I think that's what it's saying all right thanks for the. This is a wonderful thing hey Joseph congratulations. Want to congratulate ourselves for keeping you through this nonsense for five years that's great. Dot I always think he was there anything that we can do for you would the next couple years it did to make our show even better for you. We now know I like the big man. You did do that generational gap segment I actually didn't like Butler that low here let them well. I love that that. Earlier teacher all your students all your students are saying that now also sop up. Getting some help locate all the all the time midnight. But bottom at that dot like to let me just unbelievable. I don't know well what is assaulting a gross coach and analyze. IEA outlook now look I get involved in the economic air matter of them not. That way and yet again. Okay judge brilliant though he Celtic that. All right a good. Man. I'm sure my kids and I seen only kind of low key salted it and he really has appointed product. They are coach appreciate listening very much go educate this has been super fun because we being easily phone calls. Recently saying hey I've been listening for this many years I've been missing for this many years and we were wondering how long we've been listening to John Tammy in the morning and and please feel free checking we heard. Entering is is our sixth or seventh here in the sexier appearance in the Orion via which is amazing is hitting three days. I saw him on the air for three days so right six years no we're going on your number seven Italy seven come the summer wow crazy now Chris you know. So a song we've been here with deal. 6195701973. Its giant Timmy of 137 KS ON 741. And a gorgeous day today and look for highs in the upper sixties to upper seventies. Again 6195701973. All right let's go to an aerosol in Oceanside. Or how long have you been listening sweeter. I'm then all of that happy new year. Only a brand new Lesnar and here. He would be the new yeah. Who. New Year's Q what's up fashion by how could not weird not gotten weird. So what caused huge you fight that's funny. I am while my back and how to taxi and we aren't you can't go ahead the dynamic but it never really let and let at frequently eat dead at. Actually live here and that they are locked he heir apparent Barack. And I mean I remember topic I. Think he's not here about a quietly. Yeah this is really fun for me because you just don't know. Ever think what causes a person tell these guys to like a certain separation here as you know is obviously but there are other things. That have to do with why he would listen to a specific personality. On a radio stations are very educational I actually push your friend who has moved at worst we send a thank you letter. I have beaten and they let me. Pat Pelé or you live and Latin app out and it being. Well thank you Sarah we miss you populous tickets went on your app from both have their assault nurse all you have Melissa welcome and if there's any when you do for you in your new stay hear it KS on please don't hesitate to ask. You had me she sign up for the road stage coach as you can be a winner OK starting Monday. Yeah early all right by air assaults nice to meet my cold is Claire miles up coldly. I was and you guys. You're with content law yeah I had transferred accurate when the navy is an excellent point well. Look look around for radio station. Not a country it's not like while I felt really familiar. I remember a group canyon canyon students on the whole sect started talking about I transferred from without it. All my guys and wow. Now that's loyalty making sure that it that you were transferred where your free reporting here on wall of let's attended beat dale called ally remember you from withstand sin that so greatly guess what I just brought back from Wisconsin. Eighty dollars for the cheese and twelve year aged cheddar and I exit she's scared some rent out a way. One segment bragging about it you know it wasn't for your show husband there's no way you would have brought twelve year old aged cheddar back with you. Because that's what the ball of the eighty dollar this year that Syria and. Take it she's with the people. That would be. While cold Lee I'm glad we got to get re acquainted with you and thank you for your service by the way. I don't it's in sixteen years and I'll be realistic at the end of the month. Bless you for that exclusive and thank you for continuing to listen John Tammy. So we have our our youngest listener and our longest listener or new Islamic guys you're trying to as little amazing juxtaposition that one. Sammy as a.