How Has John's Harmonica Lessons Going?

Thursday, February 22nd


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Feel it's gone up. Murray Ariel Murillo checking in with our resolution club. Remind us again what your resolution was in 28 year where. Our current European fifteen pounds and that continue working out RA and how are you doing a challenge on his day and I didn't land. And down Tony treat parents. Okay. It's just the 22 just temporary that's awesome to gradually how rewarding that must be for you who cares who didn't win the competition you want in life. And a ticket because I am I'm spinning and I'm. You know just feeling good about my pal but you know my camps earlier than he'd you know now yeah. It's Garrett oh that's great lawyer brought out a lot of our good morning and you're pollution that. Well I'd take you for asking I'm actually. Well above her eyes with me today awesome thank took effect if any net loss I hate. Yeah Nolan steer right now though do that is honest it's not it's a small world because who does you've played ally. I wanna I wanna check scenario Chris Killen musicians and everyone's a critic that would sever some you played for us in the studio home on the range or I think it was. No home on the range who has oh my goodness everyone knows. There's definitely a general full exceed tie via via okay Americana to need to re so I I've been trying to do the simplest. I tried Bruce Springsteen's the river and Bruce actually called this a pop pop pop up my eyes and I'll never let you listen to me I can't like I can't have that he has so law. It's been established said I don't even know how I agree to this will be performing with a Morgan lead band as they make their. Is the headline the belly up in just a few weeks. And as those we love me do. But The Beatles him. I'm having a real hard time with that it's really it's just I don't need your stressing yourself I think you know I think he thinks he has anything ourselves have some faith in yourself it's it's harder I've never done this before and how anyway I've been practicing the song lol writer by war toy love that. Dude dude dude dude dude dude too. Did he do it did do. No the wrath doomed as such elevator yeah my apologies to everybody who's actually musician or who doesn't like going to their kids. How can have somebody there ready start somewhere including mr. Bruce Springsteen okay I'm sure he'll watch himself and his room and played. More milk and a terrible when he first I know we'll know I do I let myself in my room well and that's why she's my girl Monica and our regular election rather alarmed. I. At wore the low rider I played very poorly and harmonica I like it he picked it it. My hands Sheen all I don't have all the good knee I was so nervous just for a what's in your McCain yeah yeah just you know I'm half million people listening that's all right often Newton. Cost of making things should take a breath until. Time concern area it is always better in my in Syria and you last night don't it's a pretend your there pretend you're sitting in your own coach in. No go clip. There. The primaries supposed to see I got that part you. Like you're just warning are you kidding me yesterday would you do that your kids when they first learned there are Manila tour careers although you might as well be two or three because you're just picking it up and learning and. But a senior guys in this day target Hyatt and it didn't didn't need picnic. Well. That's coming off keep piano man barely under way our Jason. Maybe not there yet to buy a house. There yeah. Well. Yeah. Like I used oral imagine it's too early you are trying in when you're solar heat and you are doing things that. Many people would never have the guts to just pick up and try and we're proud of you for that. Here there near DO NN it keep god can do it is the you can to rid it's our rights are doing just fine thing about it is more. Don't forget you let that one and just a couple hours. It's hard. And go Nelson and a touch of a. And that's why I'm scared now I call on some of their last night. You do you talk yourself out of it today even nervous all morning and that's why honestly soon as we. You know go to Italian ST CCU traffic center you'll playoff theory nobody perfect you watch them hang your head up up up up up. Not trade and just for a quick. Now that you're not all stressed out anyway in world war again it sure would sure. You watch OB a lot better now that you're not officially on the air. Puts a little vodka buzz last night to do that myself. Coming it's true musician digital and live there right alluded to assessment at at at at at at at. Seat that was already better. Is it the screaming girls. Yeah. I.