How Do You Try to Look Younger?

Tuesday, January 23rd


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Maybe your New Year's resolution was to work out right million listing and in the gym. We thank you for was gonna resist ON at front of the way I get so impressed with people that get up sold super early just to go work out the didn't dedication. And. Commitment. And discipline that that takes I just don't have any of that quality of its. And we had a morning job and it was I was 21 result and I can't stand. We really find out more I can't stand it well and we can't get up earlier. To go we're now because we're already out so early so I think it paid yuck that would be tough they'll be really tough editorial on. Yeah well you put those that there's a thing. They're people do it out there are some things that there are nil something people will do just to attempt. To look younger yeah to just give a couple more years added on which is Polaris is back in the day we do every bit we could look older via rates as. Sure I'm not a deadly act. I would say it'd be very useful to me I mean seriously that's how the bowling bowling hat yeah. Because it covers my mom here any haircut I can't take a mom here. Yeah yesterday Kenny was like step I need to do something about my mom here I need air might face. How would advise against that and real way to do it gotten. Your face iron networks and the thing that they have surgery that they can easily dude to make ourselves look younger and I in this guys as a lot more opportunities for women to do that than men. All of that now. And I think women get judged a lot harsher on aging man mentions and that's why there's a lot more opportunities Graham and I and a gap women and men are distinguish when there has been described as an of the. I'm sick I'm not saying that's my opinion OK I look at any look at any news channel and you got the old ideal Todd it was night at five years old Kimberly really Q carded a one a girl gets to be 35 blue ANC Betsy it is. I get messed up my opinion. I watch any news channel America I just want to clarify that society people only like I've got two daughters I had seen that come just second act as Ben's got the break. 61957. No one minds and 3 are all morning long look in any news channel in America. Are rightness that. Strong enough strong to stronger than what a show what we do to look younger. Okay it's though I'm an army that have a right trees and get try to bring people. Are slated to hit the ball on my age could proper age. It really didn't help you know I don't know you'd become paranoid that anyone net ever used they would think that I think now what the body. Hey that's pretty don't know what is thing it does do it does get rid of puffy eyes. Because it's it's meant to shrink things right so if you and if you have puffy eyes. You can put that under your eyes for awhile and it will take that down and you know that now just because I think all the Miss America contestants do that everybody does to take. I'd never have you put preparation H and you and your arrival I have not okay I have not but that's I heard it takes the toughness and you have the political the cucumbers and you'll horrible to to the preparation it. I think I don't know if I have or not. Really gross questions answered I. Assure you they know next cold at. What do you totaled younger I had babies so yes I'm sure oh yen Hannah I'm when I'm as the warriors. The things you go through for us 6195701973. Gerri. What do you do to look younger falcon. Everything got into coaching shake for a lot of thought it would help bulk up and came up the lack of course content aware. Content never liked it needs him and I mean that look like an eighty can't little coaching shake naked and beaten getting that in. I think. Go hand in hand things we used to work with a guy named John Russell. Who was on remember back when 11 with Nicole Lee called. Slim fast and I never slim fast shakes and never win one lose weight was on some fashion Nixon used to talking to us when the music has like. Anonymously and set the slim fast shake diet for like a month and a team like fifteen pounds. Yeah him my assurance that also meant we do and men music I'd just have I have a chic with breakfast lunch and dinner at 21 dissect it a you mean yeah you have a shake for breakfast no no I should win my dinners and didn't that's your meal and a whole. That's a. A you know what's illegal and bad TCU wanna do something for your face my job tried using heat because she saw a video of someone taking heat. And pulling that next to the back of your not giving us a little facelift you gonna tape my face I you know what I I do have some Scotch tape and my age I. I'm not sure it's Scott sniff out there using invisible they could sell everything there. I'm sure you do with a wrap up packet that I may have a rapper faced probably not the right I'm sure it's more like a surgical staples will try it was. Let's just don't fight we're gorilla now on. All you can eat pizza Duckett balmy for lottery number boy but we're not protected my feet started since 19570. 1973. What are you doing to make yourself look younger. Up to AME yeah political USA a friend of mine there try this do. When he doing specifically anything to make yourself. Look or feel younger. It's a huge craze is a billion dollar industry these the. Ellen color and type EG I wouldn't all agree that all I think it's been around for a long time and you'll always be around until we figure out that felony you'd welcome that. Welcome Johnson in the morning one of 370 S a went. Remember. Had chosen a flash may UN or in Vegas. Where anti aging seminar remember that. Tammy now. An anti aging somewhere there was there was we were there because we were working with the with a charity that promoted hyperbaric. Call chamber yes 'cause I REX rays are used for that yet but we're using it 40 ways to help cure diseases and we'll ways to make yourself. Bounce back more from workouts yeah in the woman. Who were there with was part of the of the chambers where there is part of an anti aging. It was a gimmick convention rights and that is the strangest thing I've ever seen in my life is are things that we're certainly. Very very viable like hyperbaric therapy but and there are things like creams and potions and lotions that were so. Obviously. Scam for lack a better word you know and I guess I don't remember that part and I dismembered I just remembered a pervert per armor walking around saying do this this is what the cream looks like on new you don't then I don't think it's. Or. Anyway welcome John's him in the morning asking what do you do an amicus selves look younger twenty team. Ray is in national city array of what you don't make yourself look younger. Being ill it might edit it here and in the end it. In an act. Whale. He only eagle and it pretty dire. A dark I 88. Weekend. Like you're able made it in I'll be well no wonder all it can't I break out. Ray when you Sega again nice glow is that just the boo the sign from the thank you put oil on your face who. Exactly. Yeah and it anymore I walked out. Not even make out I think it brick. Yeah no kidding OK awesome thank you read Steve what do you do to make yourself look younger now. Jala library or. I ironed out with young people. Odd I don't get beat by. OK if you some public we go to China. Go down open bar and now you're the party. Oh I look at. He at all. You're somebody might public you know I'll leave it. You are younger and younger and guard them Eric your time there chemical. Aren't there is yeah it was the old guy doing here no offense. There just one shot beyond. So you're really joggers just hang out with younger people. Younger friends every dish all the friends your own age Steve. You listen Fred editing Alec you've done nothing wrong to get old. We have now I see it continue that good luck. I'm Melissa and Ramona what are you doing to make yourself look younger. I elated their political. In my hair. A laser blue peek a boo what is fact I'm glad you asked. Break them. Up and get hill all got a thanking them you know. But. But I think my hair and my seventeen yards back after it blew out. I love that look to other than the super cool that's you know there's always is just when you major pink area where you at red the red streak. Give you at least it was much more streaky then now discounting your natural color I love that look and yet Tammy UN blue last year and I am done with that here's fund because especially because her color can go away are accepting the deal well not to pick on you Tammy you know things you the gold here as a matter of fact in all known things you few beads that you are. But purchased a put to take. I know with my mom wanted to try when Timmy said I wanna iron Mike Fey right. Out everyone knows you're kind of mother figure to did to producers steps so invisible taped invisible take. I ought to be a funny thing to do let's see if invisible people are sent to Emmys. You use it to bring your neck ban on military using invisible Scotch tape machines may mean more medical tape it. Ottawa you know it's like my office and medical tape could you go. You've got to see the why can't I can't ringing in my neck to implement. It. And I did in the way he spoke to advocate. Rate picked up. Picked up and short here's my mom has long hair so then he just Wear your hair down and hide it he Bruno isn't immune simulate the workers is packed. I. The idea that we wanted to I consciously lift my eyes. That's. You can pick. I am going to furlongs on the losing your best luck oh my goodness there where. And we Arctic immediate L post until some medium and picked up no yeah my mom wanted to try that too weird. We don't see. It you're right up why do you feel now can't make. You click it on my breezy is what's book. You what would you please put your face the old now pays no outspoken and it. Alone I'll have a payout. I mean and it was. We guys have a son it's easier Newman duke is crazy right. Cuban's team perfect opponent does but how. Please learn on your eyes are you. It looked almost like he hit these crazy I. I look younger and familiar look they are insane. To let murder me and benefit.