How Did Your Dad Embarrass You?

Tuesday, October 31st


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The number one thing that dads do that embarrass you children is dead jokes the number one thing com. Which I find hard to believe the dead joked harmlessly out of afterwards number three yeah Disney's pearl while was canceling. It's present where they tell that to my dad was notorious for saying inappropriate ones at the worst time to grow like. How different pay an appropriate dead jokes I see. Top. Things that dads do to embarrass us number one dead jokes number two dressing with no style I'm. Give it to restrain them a debt how to do a good OK you are it it was a while using. Fewer into different you you're wearing the same seasons but it was a not to just pick any sense I have is why he's not always know we'll have like two different greens what one is a cruel and one as a warm so they don't go together. I. Excess. I might just doesn't want to have the yellow undertone one of them blew it doesn't work sticking to the bathroom is number three number four is dad dancing hugging that dead dancing website with a most popular dad's songs and dance I like that but Antonin listen. You'll as a dad it's just going to happen he's going to embarrass you I take great pride. In embarrassing my children Nancy do we need do well I didn't. 61957. Though number 1973. Tiffany start things off how your dad embarrass you. Talking about the urgent and B. Below the talk oh did he purposely make an embarrassing or where you just embarrassed for you Ted talks on. He purposely made in America. All know he's a loop right here. You really yeah I TV and fortified by that talk with you. No he didn't in my day. OOO. On wall Larry all I. Sorry. Bill yeah yeah yeah yeah. Not son welcome dealer my daughter before illegally Saddam how long talk about things work on mountain life include. Awkward thanks to cultivate David is in Oceanside the analogy Dedham bearish the crap out of you. Obama that used to embarrassed me. What playing college football it through the cause the world but I do this and so on Tuesday. The guitar for steel pole now and embarrass him and it that well my dad did it to me I am doing it to you he's. So what are you doing your son now. I I just like he's somebody sitting here in order to post it on the you know limited no and then you know I might suddenly Karim it's almost a week the barest but no my bet that these and I'm going to be gone somebody. Don't forget that and you know that got beat. The girl alone. And I idol I appreciate those people who use that the goodies you so probably the sun and and for me you know are so it's helmet but it may not be here tomorrow what do we have per. That's so sweet my dad is whenever they come visit. IE I hold my breath where ever we go I don't care for the gas station. Or were at the hardware store or we're at a restaurant because going to be what's issue is until mental gotta gotta gotta yeah. This is just like me are partner there he met. And you know what are. Just remember what he said I know your dad won't be nice to hear you wish she was. When they're gone they're gone and so should all appreciate it now because they regret that but might. I colored my dad right now. Dialogue that's so great if it think yeah our group britney's and alcohol pretty sure those are your data bears a crap body. So when. My dad I guess I thought I'd be there but are quite a bit. And a lot Megan and I got older I was able to thank you Ali quite tricky game that way. C edgy out during bad or if it they can out drink at. Really compared and I went out. There that hey you're out. Yeah. Yeah well. Leader. Hello Richard deadly flip cup right now you're exactly. Now my car it was the weekend that he could count on it you're on the ballot by it. It bike for it I thought I wanna get. My god now you're just an awesome morning with your dad. Anyone who's a fan of the real housewives series knows that Vicky goggles in his like that and she showed up at her son's college dorm. No antibiotic homestand. He was low and aren't. Huge your moms do and I oh my god. A are eight and up as fun as I'm planning a visit to my daughter's college in doing that at Sonoma State nobody. She's a worry stay gimmick stinging your dorm had a par basic you know staying on the high how short chute you're not staying in my old. Furl totally out of the couch right there yeah big guys breakfast is you're not yeah. Staying with me which course we join you mourn of course I do from.