How Did You Feel When You Found Out You Were Going to be a Dad?

Friday, June 15th


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83328701037. Kerrobert point all the Robert what's up now. Or. But I think. Yes Robertson. It. Or. Alter. So that's a really good question that's a really isn't questioning you know what a weekend together John I've been together to be eighteen years this July. And you know what I don't ever remember you talking to me about that moment I remember. Juliet your second daughter but I don't you I don't think we had a discussion that that's mission or satellite or via. What do we found out we're gonna have cabbies we thought it might be pregnant that we thought we were pregnant and then after a doctor's appoint without you surprised broke again all of a I was on the error. Afternoon drive in these small town called au Clair Wisconsin I was on the air working hand I was there at the time got a phone call during my shift. I'd go to the doctor and you're gonna be a father and that was. Thank you Robert. I'm. I'm. I'm. Our take. Up a game at. Great. Robert is picking up on this now odd that you find out you're gonna be a dad to his that was going on here. They really took me about seven minutes it is vocal pick up on the fact that Robert wants somebody to ask was going to be Robert I say yeah. Diet and Robert good idea that it's the best thing. I've ever done in my life. I. Well there are lots of moments like that totally normal Il panic once in awhile he'll stress out when it's all great men after the toddlers in the infant my daughters are sold flipping cooled on worship them whether decrepit periods don't give me your own it's all good men are phone number 8332871037. Emma what's up. They got it bothered anybody and I think you are you would then. Yes I am happy Father's Day he was well well well thank you very much you wanna follow up what I got it got a question or reference. I'm not on our friend Robert they do found out that he was going to be a father yeah. I'd third party it up this year because next year you know if he'd just down the baby's gonna be about three weeks current. You know result regular are going to be away. Long enough they'll possibly quite you know the party can now. If I do all the you know can do now before going to be warm because I'm mile do any of at least you're good parent that's only if you like. It by remote render or. All right so everyone at right now who knows that they're going to be a father or your baby's not born yet. You all need to get together and he'd have a big ol' party there's what do you places in San Diego in go we can beat us tonight. At the San Diego County fair little big town is playing. Maybe you wanted to had a often V ask to see now or Sunday it would lead Dan band at the people Dell on Coronado right I'll be there. We're not allowed it it did not recommend that we go to ready. And it establishment. Catered to gentleman right. You need a horse. My Marquardt but it. Our. Wealth could you possibly mean I don't get that all right listen mark happy father's eighty you know all dancing to give me a buzz now done 10 in the morning. 3:7 PM Salam.