How Did John's Performance At Work Go?

Thursday, August 9th


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What started out. Is a New Year's resolution it back in January a challenge if you will we want you to learn musical instrument has now turned into this a performance at last night's client party here at Entercom San Diego where we are of course part of here in Kia Selanne. It was uninteresting night because we were everybody was spit and in cleaning and RO it's that thing is a couple of but Ed that we got notes about picture of the kitchen clean make sure this is clean because all of a quiet for it was an appearance holding a dinner party exactly it was open house. And John was and asked along with several of our other employees who also play instruments insane to be the house via. And yeah and great yeah. I'll thank you very much and I AM I was very nervous I always killer among my element made but as you know I really do enjoy playing musical instrument with a band and this is the second time I've gotten to do so the morally band back in March was kind of destined to be a part of their of record album party at belly up. Which went great played one solid practice relentlessly this was. Three songs that I was you know it was it was it was a little bit intimidating certainly makes sense having you have clients everywhere in all of our coworkers watching you but. You did great I. So yeah. Great. It's. So course that while well that's a song you practiced for a long time piano man than you guys also did last Danson Mary Jane by Tom Petty in the heart breakers. Only a special thoughts to our bosses here because. Instead of opening their checkbooks and hiring a professional ban. Yeah how. Writes I got to do they do that. Not opt out of seven multi boy John and his band of merry men and women do so three anyway I did a great job thank you respond I have a question complete closure booking agent. Should you guys first country if ask this how I'm sure that's in the works already as a matter of fact are the sales person who's in charge of San Diego County credit unions aren't. Oh I've got big plans for you with the knicks used cart tent sale and and that might. A OK so maybe maybe an agent in high rates. You may be need one and we did a great job and it was fun and it was fun to I get to see how you guys did I knew you'd do well anyway John performing is in your nature Celek. It's not like it's really out of your element and then go. I owe a lot of.