How Did John's Fantasy Football Team Do Last Weekend?

Tuesday, October 31st


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It's odd to talk to Tammy about. Tennessee football but he's got team this year edging a taste of last laugh now well you know some 287. To a 113. 18700. Team dale well actually weighed on that back to Hilltop preschool we go our should say the new. Owners of Johns horrible fantasy team is Gail. And teacher there are things go Korea. And how are you doing today. I'm who talk about that the second first off how's brighter the football song composer. I BM short tour and being caring man of faith forum and I'm surely if like your first. For me and then boom. For like for praying for a. Burn me and. He is the now looking up payment now and he went in on demand like they've given examples. Or are desperate you bought it and say nick please. Hop. Ha ha. The football song you know Ryder singer composer of the football song would you please oh my juice box and one of the areas my my football team is so horrible my fantasy team is so horrible. That I decided to let the kids at Hilltop preschool pick who I should play and and I went a bit and done one or shock. I lost again I'll solve. The kids picks god of the kids pick Philip Rivers and you know what I agreed with the match up because they're playing. The New England Patriots with a time of the worst pass defense in football it made sense Phillips should be a hall of Famer. Another field didn't have the best game he only got twelve fantasy points. And they also instructed me to play Carlos Hyde came running back for the San Francisco 49ers who are having a horrible year OK at the Philadelphia Eagles with a number one. Ranked run defense causing. But you know what whatever and Carl's got before it's okay Australia that it's not the kids' fault they'd draft this horrible team I did but they did pick players that didn't do too well. And I ended up losing pretty badly 97 to 59 now what are called the scale there's cognitive I'm going to give you my roster. And what the teams yours the teams the kids. You know they can take over the entire team forming. And you know what any money I should win an adrenaline thing but lately I should win I'm with you give to the school. Fool. Can have a little party. Well that Oregon where renovation right now the house. Ellison that are last don't get too excited about a give yep I'm a funny thing for one anger right now but a you know what at the end of the year if I should limit the toilet bowl which is the the the loser bold of the two worst records in the league. The winner gets a case of beer a not give that advocates appear OL Obama gives a repair and. Never Errol mark them 111 side you can accuse the root beer at least. I love it anything anything that bigger and. Haley should do regime give a bush drew director for the parents to pick him up. Exactly light and grabbing her Halloween party today an abiding apparent that they come home after. No I don't really good idea to you that the kids get dressed up. Are there any rules or customs and a Hilltop preschool. The only thing they can happen what it. The outlining sent off. Well actually makes sense but awesome I'm glad this and it's Dresser to participate have a good time parent of a scaled a team as yours. Yeah hey I'm gonna have stuff sent over the entire roster and he is and you guys just go. Until his last year in the madness last year and yeah he is seeing seeing seeing the money's just do really well now. And out of the toilet bowl just enough to keep me out of that.