How Did Greg's Luke Bryan Scavenger Hunt Go?

Monday, February 5th


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Hello while he's on so chipper. Black eagle why go to our baby. I was so excited during that game yesterday originally really had. No interest or whatever into it I just want Tom Brady to win and I got into that game it was such a good game at. Hey Greg were you able to keep it together yesterday first of all congratulations like now Philadelphia Eagles fans here thank you hear apart error I mean you must be so excited. It was a fantastic. Over the fantastic time but I will say I have a bone to pick up all you guys almost got me kicked out. What will applaud downed at the second that people of my life. All because of because of our Luke Bryan scavenger hunt. Oh well apparently Geico like national rent out because. They got we know what we were gonna do and that that hey we heard your morning shows segment and you won't be taken any pictures OK now you're gonna decide and non disclosure agreement that well. And and Turkey with his anger I don't know their own. You take pictures because the ons. What looked good on defense I thought it was still. I compress that actually the word got to look bright and that we were gonna have you do about. That but I'll play it like that that you guys are clearly element national scale they know what you're up there with Castro. Philadelphia Eagles fan are you got people right you can't wait one ruled that a pitcher for us. Let us I am respectful outlook Bryant and his whole era over there duly noted you know integration code. Rich and I know we have a non disclosure by. But just kind of like what was the atmosphere what do they what do they serve they serve Allah give up. Food are meant it was great that you pull up. And you'd like oh that the house and they're like oh that's the far. Left nearly a boat there and how I like note that the guest house on the left. And that the castle compound thanks to an open area oh. My lord. Fully catered situation going on in the barn I parked it on the couch right in front of the biggest screen in there they had plenty of food trucks broad and wit. Not chose. Hot dogs that were all the different kind of constant hot dogs that were grade there was peace that there was oyster homes. All the boos will go there it was an amazing. Pat how much fun what are experience for you how awesome is that that you were there not only to watch this amazing. A game for your team. But at such very cool once a lifetime opportunity event. Yeah exactly and it would be the best super ball all my life but I bet art beyoncé out Super Bowl parties throughout that will ever forever be the best. The global. But it the Basra my eyes on things and can't duck go ahead. Not a good and that is a really good lumber make is that listings of soldiers happy with the so all your life and you know it you know it it's great worry about it Bryant you know yeah. That's a great point that's a great point oh great back. Speaking so much for attempting to do that we am glad that we do get you in trouble and that you got a watching your team. Win that Super Bowl I'm so proud of and not in in my team. Thank you thank you I did get one of the three items there was they gave out water bottle that that the Bryant typical party are now so. I got back. OK I believe. That. We'll take that. All right well listen you're gonna work young man so you get you yeah it don't work this morning Jake Owen at about a plays some new music for a stroke and ultimately it's a rough gig Greg has this week okay. Let me get back to work that I get some coaches just artists for us. All right I'm on.