Honor Flight San Diego Now Welcoming Korean War Veterans

Friday, August 17th


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It's that time of year again time to talk about something that's so near and dear to our heart Tammy has been on an honor flight whose I am fortunate enough and honored enough to beat. Are included on one our next one in late September. Holly is here from honor flight San Diego again with a fabulous heroic guest. Who'll talk to in just a moment first holly it's nice to see you again. Yeah great seeing you guys too and take so much for having us back on the show of course you're always welcome here's sharing those information about the up coming honor flight San Diego. But be doubled the lead of great early on Friday morning on September 28 and get back on September 30 and to a big homecoming here in San Diego what. You might not noble honor flight San Diego. Under fights and you completely staffed by volunteers. Taking veterans since 2010 to the monuments built in their honor Washington DC. And so far fall over 12100. Heroes on their tour of honor completely. Free of charge to our heroes which means we need you to help support on a flight San Diego. And right now on our flight is specifically looking for the Korean war veterans on this day if you know a veteran who has not been able to go out. And a goal on that flight in cedar memorial they can apply online correct that's straight at this the first time that we've. Openly solicited for Korea Arad veterans to come on the flight. We got such a great job of getting those wall wart you veterans on the flight and an hour almost at the end of that. So were ready to add to take Korea veterans and they can apply online at our flights mediated ot OR GRE excellent and speaking of veterans we the United States Marine Corps veteran. Bob why ASEAN with us and Bob you are Korean War veteran yes. Tell us about your experience when you went and saw the memorial on your honor flight it would just wonderful and everybody was very excited. You do it's hard to describe it's kind of overwhelming as it did in Iran news via I remember when I went on on the honor flights. My son and I were both guardians in seeing the looks on the veterans face is because. I didn't know what to expect and you can see pictures but it's not the same. As being there in person. It is just overwhelming they are crying. Something about mail call and I silly and fish when you get letters from home for whom she wolf we just passed amount grandma and these guys are laughing. They get letters from. Little kids some of whom are drawing server. And cheese's there are laughing and there crying and Jesus were. The flight attendants yours stand here in the back of the plane and were crying. And ranks we are so grateful that we have the opportunity to get the chance to meet you and think your person for your service sir and I'm so glad that you got the opportunity we're so glad to get the opportunity to be able to. Goal on an honor flights and again if you know someone who's a Korean veteran. On now's the time it to go to honor flight CD go to dot org and you can fill out an application there because it's just it's such an amazing experience and it's like changing not only for the veterans but also for the guardian as well. The US Marine Corps veteran Bob Weiss and it is eighty survivor of the chose Reza we're battle unfortunately there's not too many survivors of a battle we are honored to have you here with lesser. And we are considering it is our duty. To give back to what you did for us and this is something that we can all do and here's the cold hard fact each honor flight San Diego flight. Cost about 240000. Dollars to bring these heroes to the memorial that were built in their honor. If we don't get that money there's no on her flight to Diego that can't happen every flight is totally funded by private donors let's not make that happen. It's an honor flight San Diego dot ORG. Asserts that honor to meet you I cannot wait to take my honor flight to pay back. To a to a wonderful hero just like yourself. I think them in person but as long as we are here with you again I don't dare she would thank you from the bottom of our hearts. When you welcome our rates could deceive you holly is seed as otter flight San Diego dot org.