Honor Flight San Diego

Friday, March 16th


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It's very rarer than you can say something that you take part in. Changes your life if it does. You're super fortunate hopefully when it changes it for a good thing games what happened you Tammy yeah absolutely one. My son and I'm a youngest son and I got to take part in honor flight San Diego. And each of us going with a veteran and both of us ended up. Becoming friends with these veterans it lasted more than that weekend of showing down the memorial. It became. About. Going and visiting them afterwards writing letters sending Christmas cards and they really kind of become a part of your family in in it was and an experience I'll never forget my son will never forget to end I was honored to be a part of holly is here from honor flights in the Ohio agreed to see you again hi guys thanks for having us on again an ankle and I don't know. What on a flight San Diego as you please explain how important this is all my goodness yeses it's super important honor flight San Diego. Is the nonprofit organization that takes World War II veterans back to Washington DC. To see him morial spill for their service and sacrifice. Now why this is so important obviously because you want honor these men and women but many of them don't have a lot time to be crass forces beyond their what time left on the earth and we wanna get them. To their memorial yeah absolutely impact on the last play. We had prewar or two veterans were over a hundred years old it's unreal so they're all over nine years and at this point so we just needed the urgency is there and thank goodness for the enforcers to. Make us their military charity in the season and help us get those lower to vets to DC ensure. This is something that you appeal of the means to help out. You really should do so if you've always said yourself now what to do something for these men and women this is exactly what you can do because if it's not. For your donations they can't get the flights out there how how could someone help. He anger question so they can help by going online they can donate online they can come out on Saturday we're very honored to be part of the sleet service game. So we wanna pack the seats and honor those lower too that's what we're two bets we'll go on the field at halftime and thank goodness for the enforcers to honor them in and recognize them at halftime I love after the halftime show that's fantastic halftime I had that security yet and that's happening this Saturday it is it's this Saturday it's that the army and navy academy happen Carlsbad and at pregame says costs ceremony started 330 and then kick -- at four so he'll launch us into enforcers by far one of the best amateur football teams in America. Also what you dilute honor heroes at halftime and watch heroes put the ball so they're pretty good Saturday to bet yeah I and it's going to be a great time in and we're just so glad did that we had this partnership and also if there's any war war two veterans or any listeners that no World War II veterans. We'd love to get them on our next flight. Our next flight is may fourth five and six you'll leave out of San Diego on Friday morning and we'll come back to a hero's welcome. On nine may six so please come out to the airport and welcome consumers' homes that's a fantastic experience it was amazing to see but you don't even have to be a part of that to witness how great that is not only for the people get to experience him but the World War II veterans to their. They never expected they're always shocked they're always like so hum the only I think your body knows that the what we're too that say no at no charge in themselves so. It's all totally free where you know on nonprofit organization not having any government funding so let costs about 2200 dollars per person and on the flight grave and that we fund raise throughout the year and order to get those veterans on the Slaton. And off to DC yet. Tennis as it seems he'll raise the money you don't get the flight so I mean it's as simple as that. Who would sell more time alone on our flight San Diego dot ORG. And John I want to tell yes that you are on our lest we want you to be a guardian on one of our upcoming flight I would I wholeheartedly accept that thank you for that opportunity is an honor less that honor flights India is it possible. Friends of our think you're coming in again this year thinks highly.