Hip Hop or Hillbilly - Lady A and Darius Rucker Edition Round 2

Thursday, March 22nd


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Renee is in the city heights area she once those Darius Rucker Lady Antebellum tickets which go on sale today if you're KS or loyalists or get their pre Cohen at 10 o'clock email. If nothing yourself for one else tomorrow already you can win right now you don't. During gray area and doing well I feel nervous about this I'm not much of a rapper who broke the cricket. I think that's what makes it's so fun it's hip hop or hillbilly I'm gonna wrap some lyrics to you okay. And it's either country song we'll see hillbilly or so it pops on and I think if you're only have to say then okay well all right so out. Producer I'm sorry DJ producer is definitely a tasty beef please. Or in their commitment we know yeah competent and it allowed. Can we. Just say do you love I just love that saw all of my bad my momma I'm sorry that did. Even counted at home eighty long in the big crashes to the body. Our idea is in hillbilly. Fashion that is the new Ford George of one thing. On joking that's done. That's straight and that's wrong solid bounce back OK okay reading it right away that will get. DJ producer staff defense well I don't need to be. I'm saying now. All the lack okay. What they say like the way you move to the basement. Ballroom just as any in hope the second thing you want. I can't get it right there are really bad because they're really. Asia's in his eyes cross I know it was similar Bob I don't know that excitement and that. I'm a married guy. And at the irony Simon from city heights is a guy hillbilly. I've done this. Of that song. OK let's see nice rebound by the way in higher collier okay it was filming this now so it's going to be really asinine. I think. Wrap this up hip hop or hillbilly right name in city died producer DJ stuff did you producers oh lead on a funky tasty be forming. Yeah. Cause I got ought to go ode to the Bolton that although in my head. Yes the woman hot love and writing am bad. And it's. And it's what. We didn't think it would lift people intimate and. He went from booty. And improper hillbilly recovering at home. Is it hip popped the that's that's what do me great debt. Why the title it's all right so I didn't wanna given my son no matter where they went one for three today you critiques. Grady sternly but I don't know what we're still gonna hook you up. I'm with of those lady GA and that security is structured to insert yeah we are gonna be at Madison may appear August 25 today is when kids when loyal listeners get the resell code. And everyone else can buy them tomorrow and get on encrypted data room well. It's the first leopard that actually. We both feel deeply important presidents we've quit your did you. Not our reading basically the property of I hope you enjoy as much as a nobody else did this is. It is this thing. He's listed company.