High 5000: Patriots Hockey

Wednesday, May 18th


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Is John and Tammy. I have 5000. Hometown hero tool from members of the military firefighters from police to. When hide behind you know cool vibe them. Are we got the special guests here. In in the studio appearance for John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero to work please tell me who you are do Annan mark Hanson I'm a sergeant with the nicest record awesome this meter mark Omar floor and made each and two for the you know sustaining. Nice to meet you are bad memories ground prior navy it was me five number realtor. Ariza now first of all I wanna let you guys know that we're gonna come high Friday York. Number 279394. In 2795. Into any. Stop trying to find. 5000 of our hometown hero melodies only heroes to us that they are hockey studs. So median W jealous joblessness among much of a skater. Talk a patriots hockey guys are using that much to us a bit yeah. The quality was whose team was formed in 2011. I mean a couple other gentleman. And we we host Jerry hockey games jostling California and travel a bit to Detroit. And to remain in in August and hosting game here in on June 18 that this can you guys bucks raising money for the camp Mandelson foundation. No this is on the rim phone with a chemical does a super cool organization helps for very serious cause right yes it does so on daylight to do. A lot of work focusing on. They ever ever growing statistic. With veteran suicides has learned they have a huge outreach program that they've made responses from across the nation. Two basically says guys' lives while they. You know I can't quite some some issues that they've been having. Either from serving in the Marine Corps serving in in the navy for the other branches and they just reach out to them and and try to turn intervene. Wolf thank you for a free work on this because it is a huge issue and it needs to be brought to the forefront and be worked on so thank you for that. Both incidents our pleasure women it's. That's why our program exists story can look after each other and have a nice time together kind of takes us away from. From the the mentality of the Marine Corps earlier mentality and Avian and so we like to do deicing and we don't think about anything else and while the post. He isn't good. I'd say we're on par with the with the goals I think we need a challenge them to charity game if they're up for it we love. The San Diego gulls to my dazzling display the phone from the biggest guy on the team and I'm looking for a triumph excite. I hear that wanted to Broder I want to make Trinidad challenger goes out absolutely I guess here's a look at her trying to mine alive or might it why not only did they do open ice call mostly what I'm doing now we'll fight of their listening to all of the fearless thing but I think I. His game against an Escondido. Yes at the Escondido icebox how people get tickets sold they can get him online. There's a website at our FaceBook page or a link on our FaceBook page under events calendar they can click and then get that get the tickets online or they get him at the door of the dating game that's there's a 6 PM there's their little early they can they can get some ground and smear. Strike on until we thank you for your service thinks her also is showing how important it is the service app. After the service as far as taking care your Brothers who really obviously need help. I'm with you are helping out camp Mendel ten bills can you talk about before we let you guys a skate away. I noticed today. Have a joke drinker yeah or how much is tremendously anywhere really look into promote all of our activities and upcoming game and we have multiple games throughout this the year and so you know spread the word of those military listening right now spread the word about pitches hockey. Prestigious hockey but it's modifies these guys piano the only hero. Think hero. Right on medal that is a big guy artist and shoot you guys coming in studio thank you so much is reminiscent of the panelists.