High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: William is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Friday, October 20th


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This is Genentech please I have 5000. Hometown hero tools from members of the military to fight or flight from police didn't. Yes we love you each and every one the when high fives and our goal 5005. Times. William Mozilla may sell William for the last eight years has been in the United States navy so first awfully we thank you for your service. And first off we have to give you a high five with John and cherries high 5000 hometown hero Torii you're ready to drive five. Yet I am I right here comes. And one more catch him William. Yeah. I look back the pennies. Is number 3009800. In nineteen and well. Our friends at a porn lower cruises and events parting with us with John Anthony's high 5000 hometown hero tour. To reward those two have given that their service to our country and of course your fine city. And with that UN now going to receive that three. Course dinner cruise aboard the horn blower. That problem on our side and after I think yeah. You will come buddy thank you give us some highlights of your time in the US navy pal. Our Ben and not look great years our travel all over the world and not. The bigger pile I was glad notch a parent I know what I'm here years back during but apparently experienced a rendered aid to them. Boy that. Well thank you for that too I mean you know we know that you serving you protect and that you help while others went in need and void that one was devastating. If there was a right there has been very very emotional time. But it was seen that devastation first hand must have been just awesome and all the wrong ways you know I mean. And award winning report out all of debris in the water literature generally lighter. I must see my that it seemed like almost like a movie like this can't be real. They're they're. They're very new called an orchard people outlook for oil notre. Oh wow wow wow able. Well William to lighten it up just a bit we're gonna hook you up with that beautiful three course dinner aboard the warm glow or your enjoy the sights of San Diego is well. Thank you very much a very out on our watch a lot happier that. Mare and have a nice date night and thank you all singularly horrible or cruises and events for helping us put on the John Jimmy hi 5000 hometown hero to were taught to literally about fun. Plus think it's better for you know you can actually need the hometown heroes and an honor all yearlong high five them yourself if you like. As we got the John Jamie party for the hometown heroes cruised to a down Sunday November 12 Sunday afternoon. And we would love to see you out there's a discount for military members ring and a all the details are TS ON dot com. We awesome time are Jon and Jimmy party for a hometown heroes crews. Aboard the horn blower we think that again of that going on Sunday November 12 and all of these deals give the tickets right now it's matter of fact I can yes oh and the dot com.