High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Whitney and Ralph are Going on the Hornblower

Friday, October 27th


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This is Genentech raised high of 5000. Hometown hero tool thanking our he. News with a high of five our goal 5000 high times. Another John and Jenny hi 5000 hometown hero to were brought to Los by a horn blower cruises and events. An unusual call today to Whitney good morning Whitney. But this is a usual because the person. Who is winning the high 5000 hometown hero crews from horn blower is not currently here is. Yes or not it actually deployed at the moment. Do you miss Ralph terribly warfare in their room I'm sorry well we can do is give me this awesome dinner cruise with the horn blower and then when Ralph gets back. You guys can go out and spend that evening together what I at least make things a little. Right now and we have again found yet and the noise that did and I wouldn't name them and hopefully we would trend again and again. And it's dynamic today we're at that site announced and we can't. You're not gonna kinda get that you're totally going to get it you might get it more ways than one because you have just won the high 5001 lower groups. I'll cry a home honey don't cry eat quickly and drive make you smile at me. No I don't have because we. O drive okay and you what you get if you start like this. You start we're all star. I'm like oh you're welcome so much we anywhere you from honey. I don't make indoors I mentally reliving my feeling right now for daily. OK so you in Georgia because it never under order right now. Org or are we listen animal ticket might anymore of your time and enjoy your family when you come backing you allowed to say do you even know what relish coming back. Now I know different portraits and it organized as it is this his first deployment would be yes sir and it's not easy what you do is it. Larry I know this house that you know is home taking care of everything while their hero is deployed always has a difficult job. You've got some genius okay. Thank you monetary and thank you more than you are so welcomed news colleague John. I don't think you darn bit. Do you welcome when he our best to Ralph when you get a chance to talk to send our love and our thanks OK I want you all of the guests think you don't mind you will. So much Whitney and let's give you'll probably do this let's give you high five you can pass along to Ralph when you see him okay. If fact we expect you'd use first when you see abnormalities are cousins are just the iPod hang out with a hand up. Yeah. And again. But apparently not see you we love hearing you laugh that's awesome. Think yeah I'm right I'm with an email today he'll be super happy. Beautiful I'll kill Caylee to meet you guys when he goes back. So so much. All right I would.