High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Wendy is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Tuesday, October 17th


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This is Genentech pennies high of 5000. Hometown hero tool thanking our he. News with a high of five our goal 5000 pipelines. Wendy is a marine and he's been serving for a little over two years she lives in San Diego now but comes to us via El Salvador Wendy it's wonderful to meet you. And good morning honey Tulsa smears time in the Marine Corps you have any highlight yeah I think like when we get. Did this time I expect. Here is little water on making Brentwood realignment. This really getting experienced the Marine Corps bowed at. Tim and I were at the pleasure this past weekend of spending some time at concert for fleet week on Friday night and got to watch some your Brothers and sisters in the Marine Corps but also in the US navy and Coast Guard dancing a little bit edited time together if you really do will get along very well each other don't you for the most part. It can come from not very and just. Got into the act. Even through like the cup moment Atwater and just with Latin general. Wendy at what what it comes to urge you to join the Marine Corps. It would have been the fact that I like that serve the country that. And given me so much growing up. Sure we told you Wendy and her family came here from El Salvador years ago was our Havana right. And it wallet that attitude I gotta tell you they were excited to let you know that you now are going aboard a horn blower and taking their lovely dinner cruise. The main thing. It's part of our high 5000 hometown hero on tour than normal or cruises and events is. Shrouded to be a sponsor of war proud to have them on board with us and that means Wendy by the way as you're getting ready for work we have to give you high five through the phone for your service you ready for this. Target then you're gonna help. One more coming at you go to. Right not to high five over 1001002. Left. Our war. When he thank you so much for your service enjoy that well earned three course dinner cruise aboard the horn blower we feel good having you protect our country thank you so much for you do. Thank you so much you get so they. Attitude when ordering his wonderful segment but I feel pretty good of that map legislative analyst good thank you have hammered around Russia not a that's a simple subtraction I brag about and this is. It was in my skill level things.