High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Trevor is Going on the Hornblower

Friday, November 10th


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Hey what are you doing this Sunday how'd you like to join John and I for John and Tim his party for the hometown heroes cruise as the rough gig couple hours on the beautiful horrible around at the sites of San Diego Bay. Enjoying some delicious foods and drinks and live music and high five servings of heroes yes sign me up and hit it stoked about Jon and jammies hometown hero hive 5000 crew is. Our board dorm blower it happened Sunday we. Take off at 230 saw a nice afternoon crews. You are welcome to join us all you have to do is go to TS ON dot com and our events page and you can get discount tickets on this horn blower crews also. We have KS ON country fest Christmas tickets to giveaway and by the way they're sold out it's the only way you can get them but you know he can't do that go to war lord dot com and final all the other warm lower cruise options you're gonna find one. That you are going to love 1800 on the bay or more lower dot com that's 1800 on the bay or horn blower dot com.