High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Santee VFW Grand Opening

Monday, February 5th


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Hi what is your name. My name's CJ walker. And you're the commander here at the VFW commander saying people spend three point seven Marines and what do we have going on here today for this wonderful celebration Kobe got the grand opening one post. And what is the most important thing. That you would like people to know about the VFW. And how would you like to reach out to those who could become part of the end of the VFW. Well. What to like that what we were like people don't know is that it's not the old. Old guy at the bar and unlike my down there are some of my favorites unnecessary and sugarcoat it but it. It's evolved from that we have a lot of a lot of the World War II veterans are going now you get to a point where does Vietnam veterans merits and many of those guys around anymore. And we have golf veteran desert storm shared are wracked Afghanistan but not all these veterans and the via W hopes that the community we also help out. Santee San. Toys for attacks we do a lot of it we also will take in a unit. Well we'll take care packages together stuff like that Selig not to unit in the radio shows here than it exactly we can do stuff like that. We also do what's aware if a veteran just want some place to come and get some help. He's have a some thoughts that maybe he really couldn't be more abuse he doesn't fill one it. VFW will always take you VFW American legion they should have no problem with sitting down talking to you if we can hope you'd think you know what we can directly executable. They can do and that's fantastic here wonderful asset to this community and I'm proud to be invited to be a part of this today so I think you've been out there. Very very welcome glad you were here and good success here new location and let's give you some new VFW meant how veterans in the and make it known that you're hearing your new spot yes we are on. 8615. Mag north magnolia. It's a perfect spot it will family friendly wrestled of people MO that's another thing on this kid to bring the kids that's the spam to prove everybody. Great we're excited to be a part of this and thank you again for inviting us to to be here today and witness what's going on. And thank you for your service sir appreciate hearing and I appreciate it very much more problem or on the Q thank you.