High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Luke is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Thursday, August 3rd


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Is Jim and Tammy nice high of 5000. Hometown he wrote tool from members of the military to fight or flight from police did he. Yes we love you each and every one when a high five pogo 5005. Times. John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour continues thanks to horn blower cruises and events. Let's say good morning to encouraging United States Marine Corps member Luke good morning Luke. Hey good morning. How Larry today honey I'm doing grade average so we're doing fantastic now the first thing we have to do is giving a high five over the phone ever done that before the. And picture all right well here it comes. Yeah it's going to keep it up look here yup yup well and that type 5000 high five number 3979. But thank pale. L series we thank you for your four and a half years service so far. And we wanna congratulate you on a winning a dinner cruise aboard the horn blower for your service is our small way of Pena back for what you do for us now. Like guard a little. You are super exciting. Oh my god they use so large there's crazy have you ever been warned or cruise I'd never been aren't any true. That it should have. Right yeah and guess what you do this. You don't have to work this want to put a couple of up cook on pollute Tulsa literally stood out during your four and a half plus year stint as a marine. Well. That deployed in October I came back this April so. I'm glad to be back at that early the biggest satellite. I don't know if you are and I bet you are always asses all people that they come back from homecoming was the first. Real food you eat when you came back. I thank you Lee when you boot on. Red lobster actually very direct blustering air like to pound the credibly. Nice and eat it of their gender does yeah it'll go right here right. I think they must put some narcotic in that day because either I mean oh my goodness. Yet there when Iowa where if we go hand in just. Bush or so there's also. That's great well you're gonna have a great time on this dinner cruise not only the wonderful food. They'll be drinks he could just cruise along the bay and like I said you don't have to work so that's a fantastic part of anti you'll be catered to bell are a great thank you Luke again we thank you for your service and her signing up odd at the Cannes when dot com for John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour. The dinner cruise sponsored by horrible lower cruises and events take care men and again BC put your time in the Marine Corps thank you for your service Luke thank you appreciate it.