High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Jianni and Amber's Anniversary Cruise!

Friday, September 1st


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So he is Genentech please I have 5000. Hometown hero tool from members of the military to fight or flight from police to. So we love you each and every woman who won a high five pogo 5005. Times. Morning until. More. And doing well gee honey is then in the Marines for over twenty years is good. Giant beehive 5000 hometown hero to work. Gianni get ready for I think may be correct me if I'm wrong your first ever high fives through the phone. Are here again. And up the year ago. And congratulations Yani you are high five hero number 3986. Way to go rather an amber is his wife amber good morning to you. Morning amber thanks for signing your husband opt for this dinner cruise with horn blower cruises and events have you guys ever done one of these before. We actually got married on their ads that are created last year still. I'll really yet they add my cash or one year Mercer year you have we weren't able to celebrate its unit deployed about it. But he was away and we out it meet great text really well Ritter when your anniversary they're out. All the story just gets nicer and nicer doesn't. Now Gianni I don't want you think that is gets your vote for buying your eleventh anniversary presents. Although it's been done already go Obama will look it without. The uneven and Marines for a long time and we thank you for your service can you think it was special highlight something that really sinks in deep when you think about your career in the Marines. Been reported by you're not say it last year it was actually the one part that really thought it was. One of our states and Japan don't able to go to La Iwo jima. And that many people know that what what the bigger boat what were to happen and being able to walk and certainly would you want one out mark mark you're. Really really touching me and then it it's meant a lot. I bet your life changing absolutely plus a lot more appreciation for the heroes that give tours aboard the midway that or actually hair. That allow them what they equipment would be. In what is some things that has been a highlight for you during this time. It not for what Yani deadline he and the military and when he Kuwait. He volunteered quite a bit he's volunteered to go on deployment other people predicted it on their families little. But donated his time at orphanages Epoch Englund chief and I Japan older you. Help other people. No wonder you married I was wanna Mary yeah. I. No way out of the -- you get I think he'd hand you another they they can have a Christmas tree and get current kids from our school. Yeah he's very getting. While well you guys obviously deserve a night out for your anniversary and does for your good natured is in your big hearts we're thrilled you are going on a beautiful gore made dinner cruise your familiar with the aboard the warm lower one thing quorum or cruises and events. For helping us Sally Johnson retired 5000 hometown hero to a GQ fighting the good firepower they fully here on our side and amber what a great life you are. I remember you nominate your hero or heroes go ahead of them yourself in the light touch and sells them too much what the heck. Somebody their crew rain or warrants advocates when dot com art contest page.