High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Earl is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Wednesday, November 29th


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This is Genentech means I have 5000. Hometown hero tool from members of the military to fight or flight from police to the so we love you each and every one of the when a high five pogo 5005. Times. So Earl was still funny and I columnist saying hey guess what pretty high I get to set up with the dinner cruise on the market lower yen. He had had no clue that his wife Amanda assigned a mopped away. Well and I. Oh thank you what we wanna do is first and foremost you be your high five right now. So here's mine in John's any TV his next hearing go Earl. Hang on Earl went for a way for. High five number 4003. Edited Larry it's great girl you spent twelve years in the navy thank you for your service. And also you have two children two and four so I bet you a night out away from the kids as much as you love them we know we all of that I. It would be wonderful night three course dinner cruise with horn blower cruises and events. Yes we are desperately in need a night out. I'm just curious been awhile since my kids were too and for how often do you get out if at all. Not very often because it's our against them I don't watch too jaded. Who are running around and you know crazy. Donors is just got three just like that what's to more stuff. Well still apparel and Amanda and is serviced now no wonder Amanda signs up without even telling you he's already signed up for everything that she can possibly win another hint and just to get away for a little bit totally understand. Anyway congratulations steadily. Can you give us just a quick recap of some of your best moments with twelve years in the navy something that stands out the most Freel. That's the thing that stands out the most is that the time that I spent on your fat Carlton in my dad actually retired from the news in 96. And she served on matchup and she actually retired. From that ships though that we're working on the same ship and right around the corner from where he worked. Earl what was it like when your father find you will also be working on the USS Carl Vince he must have been BI and proud. We didn't make impose all overpaid but I can. Count all the friends about how proud he was. Wrong. Well enjoy your night out with your wife your three course dinner cruise from horn blower cruises and events and we're so thankful for them for sponsoring it John and Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour. It's great to getting to know we Earl. Well thank here and they keep their support. Earl always are best your family this holiday season all right.