High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: David is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Tuesday, September 26th


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This is Genentech and eighties high of 5000. Hometown he rode tool thanking our he. News with a high of five cargo 5000 high times. David is he twenty year navy man so first before we do anything else a prayer service and it never got more support this event now. Or Bart Starr appreciate it anyway you know my you're gonna give you a high five over the phone as a crank or yeah I'm right here it comes. Don't put out here. You go about what I consider a I'm introduces him with Hannity and wait for that I've via oh by the way hi Todd number 3990. Our world and I'm like well David congratulations. Today we are very happy to call you up to let you know. That you are gonna be rewarded and our small way of saying thank you for your service a by taking a horn blower dinner cruise. To a thing horrible lower cruises and events for helping us with giant Jimmy's high 5000 home town hero tour. That all of you bank your career. Have you ever done one of these cruise's funny I have done one yet. So it's time for you get back on Bryce oh definitely equipment continued cheer went as quickly may be a highlight of your career. Yeah I guess a highlight of my career it's. What when I'm made. You know what I'm made first class that was a big accomplishment for me and it just boosted me into into more into more playing. And I really enjoyed. Sperm from then on to our retired I really enjoyed that time. It was awesome America surely would much. Aaron Murray are trying to equate. What you're talking about to us here in the civilian world what though it would mean to us I mean Tammy I. I guess we're promoted from Madison here to San Diego and in a big market jump but is it kind of getting promoted a workhorse a different lifestyle altogether because you're serving America. It's kind of a different lifestyle just because. Just because. You're you're put in your put in no position like I was put into wrote a production. Productions to the right there position. Where had where had 3040 people. No work inform me that equipment number a work in Iran you know we had to make sure those are ready to go. And were either you were up on the flight deck where they needed to be so that the ship could do the mission. Well again thank you so much for your service where you are so gonna enjoy this dinner cruise and we're glad to present it TO. Oh thank you very much are really appreciate that there I'm gonna enjoy it foolishly. We appreciate you gave his son Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour again thank you normal or cruises and events and thank you David thank your.