High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Daniel is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Friday, October 6th


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This is Genentech please I have 5000. Hometown hero tool from members of the military to fight or flight from police didn't. Yes we love you each and every one what a high five pogo 5005. Times. We are talking with Daniel Daniel's a marine it Daniel good morning till morning thank you for your service men are probably over. So tell us about your time in the Marine Corps and what has been the most exciting things so far. Even I have to say probably. I got back in May I got back from 7UP deployment and I. I think just seeing my wife and my family when I got back was probably. Are the best thing so far. Is there a better feeling them pulling in after seven months away just seeing those that you love weighed in Korea. Not really actually good. That's pretty good feeling. Are you guys that attends a tear up easily Daniel. Oh yeah definitely I did. Myself and my dad and my dad with a marine for twenty years so he's very proud to sort of like Mbeki was crying and I cried. Com or old glory. Now we are all crying. As a real sweet story meant well do us a favor when you see your dad thank him for that as well and we'd like to do our small part in thinking you buy. Giving you want and I imagine your wife feel warm blower dinner cruise. Ultimately incredibly. Worried that I entered through the card that is because back on the fourth of July out and revive my wife and I. Although crew electro and fireworks to start time but some some can't Robin or able to do it and that heard guys talking about it the next day on the radio you guys were. Do and that kind of thing and only go to aqueduct it and what are the chances that way or loose so I want. That and then by the way you can do this to her crews need to make your own firewall wasn't as. All right we will Antara. Well congratulations. By the way while we have you here is part of John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero to oral and one I think core board cruises and events are helping put that on. A TV hot fire through the phone it's not seen as a person but it's gonna have to do okay. All right I heard arid area up. And consider yourself hi five my friend I 5000 number 3994. Are. RM analysts are we again thank you for your service. Enjoy that time with your wife ended you know Daniels the great lesson better late than never as far as signal or blower cruise we appreciate you listening in your service to our countrymen thank you so much Daniel. Thank you very much.