High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Bobby the Kiss Cam Fail Man!

Thursday, November 2nd


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Now the latest tally in Jenin tech means high of 5000. Hometown hero tour. He's now thirteen years into his navy career his name is Bobby Bright. Morning Bob. Good way it's giant Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero to work it did end up ballots can be a high five do the fully ready. No way. Theory out there let down yet every. It it but this is awesome in her 55000. Hometown hero to Ari you've got us now into number 4000. Up. Listen Bobby congratulations we are gonna award you for your service and thank you and our own way with a three course dinner cruise on the horn blower wanting horrible or cruises and events are helping us. Put on John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour. There are a couple of also I'd be remiss if I did not bring up the news is not body's first time on our show. No it is not you know you're not you know well this is the time we get to thank you for your service and do all that important things but more importantly. How is life after being accused camps failed got on now. I don't really not degrading word though that it. Now all refresh everyone's memory. When Garth Brooks was in town Garth did the old kiss cam and pass it around stadium and although people do what they're supposed to do most people and that's kiss the person with whom there are web. A Bobby viewer on a date correct yeah tell us what happened. Well it's an end and if you're good good care of the kids cabinet at the governor the I'll go app we got our kids yet. I look back at the camera and it's right on in there look over letter and he died the way I expected the camera still on the. All apology was the whole crowd sees it couple loud miles from the radio station near listen dude named John and Jimmy happened to be there. Happened a talk about a week you couldn't escape it but I'm sorry that it that so that's why you haven't really talked to that girl luncheon that the nobody. Always occurs here rejected GO. Body was this your first date with this girl yeah so may be to defend her I always have a boy Bobby is back he's in the navy after all the maybe she was this race never kiss on the first date and she thought that was the first date. Is that you know what I really like this guy on here Garth contrition but I still have to do my daddy taught me. You know everybody to color up and take on the dinner cruise now. I. Really felt that we should have called you the next year and called you back the money right yeah and all but will it pick out your own dates yes and can't help. That that would be nice to come to do about it listen in all seriousness thank you for your service is the least we can do. By giving you this warm lowered dinner cruise we hope you find yourself the perfect date yeah plenty of action and a wonderful night that night. Moderate they plotted it's. Hi Bobby thank you honey but I think. Yeah if you like one of those wonderful dinner cruises is gonna KS ON dot com art contest page and we can give you high five and thank you for being the hometown hero that you are.