High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Bill is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Friday, September 8th


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This is Genentech Jimmy's high of 5000. Hometown hero tools thanking our he. News with a high of five our goal 5000 high crimes. Bill has been in the navy for 26. Years and he does Arnold. Beautiful and it and a who signed him up for our high 5000 horn blower cruise and congratulations bill you sir are taking your beautiful life on the dinner cruise. Longer. Than at any hint there will be good first and foremost let's DVR the high fives you deserve through the phone hearing out. And. Congratulations that high five to the phone I'm sure highlighted your career bill. They went about it well in all seriousness as we get closer to a 5000 UR hi 5000 number. 3988. That is fantastic shear does something nasty and now from your 26 years in the military honey. You know our. We are done for these weird things with good predictor going back save it would probably be. Actually getting an opportunity to yours go to Egypt and seeing all the things you read about this circling up well in the school that's cool. But more importantly I think the most but the big apparently there has its chemical during the my wife of Richard. That's I bet I can imagine how touching them speak it hard to keep it together emotionally and always wondered that you guys are always so stoic is hard to not break down. You know England so they don't. They're. Not really tell the truth we try to do it when social certainly doesn't feel that we're leaving both. The first three or four days after got a little rough when we come back we're really just don't care slaughtering you know. Why didn't bill what is your favorite thing about your wife and a. Well cause. Nine. I that I I don't even know where I don't know where their lips would. Start and she's pretty much my world com. Probably and the fact that she actually supported regarding initially reported for years and doing their without ever one time since the validity of the it was too hard we can't do that anymore. And it's super difficult being in military spouse who doesn't. We appreciate you and your wife the love you have for each other the service you've given to America thank you for that and this is a small way of of of giving a little little payback in. A night out on the town. And of course a way to really enjoy our beautiful city. Form blower three course gourmet dinner cruise enjoying the sights of the San Diego Bay. Nick it's going to be a fantastic night anyone else would like to sign up for that with our hometown hero high 5000 to work. And horn blower cruises and events sending out the dinner cruise to those who have served as our way of saying thank you as we kiss on dot com sign yourself up. Bill thank you so much for your service sir and enjoy that dinner cruise and say hello to Anna for us open that Gingrich.