High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Allen Met the President

Thursday, April 13th


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Now the latest tally in Jenin jammies high of 5000. Hometown hero tour what do think the horn blower cruises and events for helping us. With John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero to who got marine Allen with us right now hi Allen or I'm well thank you so much for your service first of all. Think you are hero number 3931. And with our John and Jimmy I've 5000 hometown hero tour we give you a high five phone right now. Yet. All right and technology marvelous it is marvelous Ellen you sure this might mean highlight from your career. Yeah it and now Quantico Virginia and I learned. A regular four the president. Helicopter squadron. Told the skull that's really cool. Great did you hear alias and he had does not I'm not. I want you when you get a gig like dad do you have to be put through even more extra scrutiny did you do background checks and you even though you are marine. Yet they did have a picture you're electrocuted or didn't have it yet as court order refuel truck. To make church not you know and that's what. Sure it makes sense did you get to see our president when you were doing their form. I did actually got to go get a Camp David. One time granite dam up there. You really explaining to a much. You don't know what what what a little clearer. Now. Just kind of taken time away and you just popped up there needs thank you very NATO and and just kind of Mr. President. Really that's so cool. You know as if it was pretty the big ally. Now John thank you believe you didn't ask him the most important question at what game where you play in our. Pacman the president join you don't. He did not men only asked for career highlight story would be expecting and its impact Manning Camp David in re shot the breeze President Obama. Hey listen Allen who we know that you went online and sign up for. A three course dinner cruise aboard the harm lower we're so happy to tell you that you are winner this week and. Thank you and I really appreciate in my life and all other. All that's going to be such romantic evening have you ever done a word or dinner Chris. Are you gonna love every minute and more importantly she's no idea and that means happy news for everybody gets re happy wife happy life hero yeah. Had a little interest in career thank you for your service to our country. And forget the president's helicopter refueled that's always important breaks and quite packed and right unless you enjoy your dinner cruise they can do more lord cruises and events the most that thinks do you Allen and to all who serve can see yourself I five now. Think Utah governor appreciate what you what you got to do all. Oh man it's our pleasure thank you so much on that's a story. How what are Allen as the marine who's just hang it obviously isn't downtime at Camp David while refueling the president's helicopter before I wanted to tilt kind of sheepish children. And possibly impact man by the president as him I'd I'd love it was downtime waiting what do you do I. I don't know either marina you stink on mileage do some movement a quarter re. What submarine. And Mr. President.