High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Abby is Going on the Hornblower!

Wednesday, November 22nd


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This is Genentech pennies high of 5000. Hometown hero tool thanking our he. News with a high of five our goal 5000 high times. Couple weeks ago we were on that John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero cruise despite finding. And hanging out with as many heroes as we could it was a great time. That 71 I think or more for that one I think or more from. Sponsoring our high 5000 hometown hero to work it wanna say good morning two. Add behind Abbey Road not Abbie you've been in the Marines for eight here's the Vietnam wow what green while you're in the Marines for eight years. Well the first foremost thing we have to do is give me your high five through the phone here we count. And again. About Nutley high fire to the phone. Well maybe I know everything you know pilot you'll need your career as a marine. So as I look into what's going on your life do you transition Dolly yet you still work for the military. It's wonderful to what is highlight from your time in military what is something they're really stands out that you like I am so glad I did that because this was an experience I had. Getting to know everywhere and in becoming a Barnes and effectively. Eight years you need a lot of people play it as big ignoring Korea is also mollen you always note don't want someone. No kill where we're coming in the Thanksgiving obviously did you allow things giving away for your family near the Marines. I'm I'm I'm Landon one of my deployment. Ugly my family. And thank you with your family out there with other people deployed obsolete from their Carolinians. Care packages are often. We have. So you're missing your favorite you have. It was having coming as part of a bond with your Brothers and sisters in the Marine Corps like yeah we're all here together let's let's make is that the ultimate friends giving the my perfect wonderful. What you were gonna set you out. On all horrible lowered dinner cruise where you get to experience. Someone serving you since you've been serving us and Aetna. And I you're gonna have a great dinner crews are gonna see the cites a San Diego Bay. And we just want should have a good time wonderful at be enjoy that they can for your eight years of service the Marines and. We continue to do as a civilian working for the military and again enjoy a normal or cruise. Have a good weekend on us. Think you know.