High 5,000 Hometown Hero: Mike Docarmo In Studio!

Monday, June 4th


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Jimmy who reach over right now and high five to zero with my mile right on hunting down 5000 hometown hero to work might go com well it's. Pleasure to meet Chappelle this feature would brush him in this going to celebrate EU I don't know embarrass you but dissimilar are some things about you and you just correct me if I'm wrong a Mike's a marine. Served as a machine Gunner and you were injured during a training exercise their woke up with a pre substantial injury to your leg. Back surgery so woke up I had out really bad back pains and their lead to back surgery. And that's related problems can hope Roman kind of feel my leg after surgery look so a lot of the surgeons they don't know what really happened. House Emerson from the surgery so they think went up was immerse if it affected my surgery any kind is attacked miles of Tamara says that's just why why wouldn't weird thing that's happened. Say that can happen Blake knowing that happen. Now a lot of people would look at that and say woe is me in your case you said you know how many go ahead and try out these wounded warrior games. Yeah so actually the way it worked is I had surgery and also miles command over Retief or perhaps arms. And then they sort of charity camp outs and two and a way of tower get the care needed when I got to where words I got kind of fat. I put us awake I was able to do anything insurers shirt black kind of fed now are you thought OK all right now got really worried LYIFO. Yeah anyways yeah can't. It's got out there as the I mean it's I don't so as a source swimming. Visit the Los impacts of my interview with her for a back injury up yet saws can pull I had no idea is when I mean that's when you X three times my life. And allow apple sauce and in some coaches there watching just case of a drowned. And he's a hey you like your pretty get this with the injury you qualify for like paralympic sports you can of that I had no idea so sorry coaching me. Never got to before rain now. Participate in one warrior games grant and Winston. Five gold medals and four silver medals and four bronze medals which totals thirteen which makes me ask you might like ages from thirteen goals so I try to. They're Eagles but I want all those metals like in various sports goes up so Maine basketball will ship out with your rest while seated viable track and field. Pages. I'd like you said Canada any sports a four otherwise fall football that's what baseball guy lacrosse played all the big sportsman. Never tried Dolly track and field that are in need this kind of stuff swimming he has changed my life and it brings fun. Now you are going to the convict this game's tell us about that because this is going to be an amazing trip yes actually actually lashing because games it's it's firm would get injured veterans president puts on every year ranked so lashes in Canada and assures him in Australia where he started that after his time in the military to any city wanted to use something to give back and what a wonderful thing for him to start and look what it's become yet just he's an amazing thing now get to know there's a place they can get snowy right here in Oceanside down and actually takes her house I am server slash partner there. Mike we had you ended to a give you high five because we're trying to 55000. Euros before world done with this which takes a long time by the went 5000 Claudia. But that said. I know home port this is to a lot of people I mean I'm sure that when you woke up. With no feeling in your way you were mad right now is why really pissed right an Emmy you you are young guy you're. Some might say at the time struck down quote unquote in the prime of your life. And you could have chosen to be. Whiny and could to have been a person that I don't know why Odom that instead you do the exact opposite Natalie did you. By far succeed maybe even oversee. Maybe even late go past your expectations of success. But you showed people that even when you're down. You have to win a gold medal you can just get up and in and take part anything to make yourself feel better about yourself. The acting like that's the biggest part about me competing is. I've a lot of friends that don't do anything like David too nervous to get out there and he suffered a lot of guys have it hurts us in combat so I like talks only just he just is do something people out there to help you out is just the great thing.