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Good morning and welcome to another additional living veteran San Diego a public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Helen Woodward animal center is more than just another no kill animal shelter this nationally recognized center provides a variety of services that benefit the community. Through educational and therapeutic programs for people. And humane care and adoption for animals they're all about people helping animals and animals helping people joining us this morning Helen Woodward. Animal center PR director Jessica there. But I'm Jessica thank you so much thanks for having me it's great to CIA I honestly can't remember the last time you on the show but see it's there why now. But I remember it fondly as it has been quiet at this. Great to see again that is to say it's great to have you on the show again let's we're gonna talk about a big event you have coming up and we'll talk about that little bit but let's start with a little background information we could on the Helen Woodward animal center. Sure. Helen Woodward animal center has been around since 1972. And I think most people think about Helen Woodward animal center our ads they know foreign adoptions program which is an important part of what we do. But actually Helen Woodward started the program in 1972 with two actual main goals one was. To help orphaned pets. And the other was to make sure that there is humane education she felt that the real way. To effect change for domestic animals and all of animals election in this country. Was to certificates. Says she wanted to teach kids how to treat animals humanely. As a that's been going on since 1972 very big we have thousands and thousands of kids sick of the program every year and learn about the wonderful world of animals. And what we can do to take good care of them and who is him when. Now how would Wear it it's it's interesting because she out and choose somebody said that she loved animals more than people and she really should have beautiful piece of property outrageous and FA. As she just decided to start the set are out there. Long time ago and she he really basically left delaying Hun to. Four. For the group to kind of continue on. A lot of people think of us is kind of like a little there outrageous senate they've been actually we've got twelve acres of beautiful land. We're very excited to have it. The rest of it it is a and non profits. Center and we take no government funding so it's all individual donors that give to us. And we now have twelve unique programs are all dedicated to the mission people helping animals animals helping people so. Helen's dream has grown and not only. Create and a wonderful world of education for kids and helped domestic pets get adopted. But we actually have a number of other programs all. Under that wonderful mission of making the world better for animals and people. And we're gonna talk about some of the programs let's let's start with the adoptions as you mentioned it's a big part of what does what you do and Helen Woodward in what a lot of people there are familiar with how. What what's the process that one has to go through Uganda. Daughter kept air well a case of first of all. We do like to do one day adoptions of which and we love to see animals placed in the homes. Last year over 3000 pets came through our doors and ran in to forever loving homes. On the animals at Helen Woodward animal center about 92% of our animals come from other rescue facilities. Or other shelters. Or other high risk. Facilities. All over the country anywhere from you taught at Arizona I even some flown in from Hawaii. In other parts of California and we basically we have some rescue partners that we work with that will call us and say hey we've got these wonderful. Animals and their at a hybrid shelter they need to hit some saving him so. They'll bring them down or will drive up the won't bring these animals and dogs and cats. And done make sure that there healthy make sure that they. Are vaccinated make sure that the maker chips make sure that there spade and neutered. And men once there have healthy and ready to go and also if they have any social anxieties or anything they have a wonderful trainer there. I'm sending the pet training rock who he works with them and make sure that we have a wonderful pet ready to go and men and people come in week. Have them fill out an application we find out all about who they are kind of home may have kind of life they wanna live. That their Gary did the money go hiking or if they wanted to sit on the couch it catches up. And then them we help them find a perfect pat and I am and and months we do we we end up finding a lot of happy pets and a lot of happy rounds do you ever get strays that people bringing in strays or orbit families that can't take care of their pet anymore so that's an interesting questions strays are actually not allowed to take and that's actually a law those strays actually have to go down to caddie facility. There needs to be a place where all animals that if somebody lost their animal and if somebody had a pet and they didn't microchip at which we of course always advise. There has to be one place that they can go and if every rescue facility was allowed to take strays. Then nobody would ever be able to find their pats so we're actually that's a question harassed a lot more actually not a lot of take them once there at counties. Shelter. And they've been there for awhile and I think there's a certain period on a couple weeks and then we can take from Matt Shelton sensors CN Aaron are about that facility. On as far as that somebody wanted to turn their pet in to ask we do have the other. 8% of the animals that we takers of Sunday comes and relinquishes the pets sometimes that's because. Somebody has gotten very sick person needs to move. Or maybe they have an animal that they thought that they really want into and they can't and they want to. Make sure that they take it to a place where we will make sure that it gets to a home. So those those of the other 8% of the animals that we have at our facility. So they're they're adopted out pretty quickly if they are it's really really wonderful a lot of people's enemy is hard to work at a rescue facility. It is not very hard for me to work at Helen Woodward an awesome people feel like oh you must it must break your heart every day. It's actually a really invigorating place to work because. IC puppies and and kittens and dogs and cats comes through the door and a lot of times. It's media treaty turn around so that's pretty pretty normal for us about three days for an animal. And there are others that we'll have and maybe some meat at. Sending a pet training is working with trying to get them because they've got some sort of social anxieties and maybe you'll see those animals stay for a number of months. But for the most part I mean Hawaii I think I can think of two animals in particular and they almost five years I've been there where there for longer than a year. And even those animals like sigh and then homes so that's very exciting to get to see that you would think that you'd you'd get a text and that's what what yes probably what people are thinking when they when they talk to about right place Italy could be ice certainly within a month and a half of working Mara I have my first dog and of course as a few months later I had another dog and that I had another cat. So I didn't get my collection available to. At this point I love to see people can make kids 'cause somebody will come in and it's their first pet and they are so excited and I know. At that pet is gonna get that kind of exclusive love that that person's gonna give her right now I already have several and so I'd like to see them go into new forever homes from the BB only pat. And and you did mention you do you do have puppies and kittens to yes puppies and kittens and cats and dogs. Those are what we adopt out we have also the other animals at the facility but their education animals or their patent on therapy animals are therapeutic riding horses. And I know we'll be talking about some of those programs but a lot of other animals they're not adopt IC. OK so. Let's talk about Samir of the programs and you did mention the education program let's get into that little bit more your humane. Education from NASA that's critters Capital One of the things that we call that humane educations ever summer critter cams are spring or fall critter cams. And like I said we have thousands of children come through it's a week long our daylong camp you can decide and it's kids everything from preschool up to junior high school. We even have a really wonderful new program that they're doing now where. Kids will take it a day course for vacant. Learn about becoming of that and so that's really nicely for kids there will have some girls Catholic league big girl scout troops that do that camp. And it's really nice for kids that think they'd really like to work with animals on there they wanna kind of see what it would be like to be that. And you learn all sorts of amazing things even learn how to do. A surgery stich and you learn on banana screens so they get an idea of how house surgeons and well you know stitch up pad after surgery is also some amazing things that they do. And they get to meet with all these wonderful animals everything. From alpaca is to. We Angel I was gonna say we we do have hissing cockroach is that you don't have communicated back at. Believe it and and family you can imagine so there's. Flemish giant Ravitz. We've got of course you can do the domestic program you meet dogs and cats in the gut she'd been mini horses and also as a wonderful animals there and you can kind of choose your course for your child. And it's really interesting how many of those kids they come as little kids. They end up becoming. A junior counselors at the critter cam gears leaders and then a lot of them end up working epicenter and then some we know go on to vet school so it's kind of amazing Howell. We knew C childhood love for pats and then they get back nurtured in the and they do go and do wonderful things for Graham school yet Mary Mary. I think Aslan your website too to teach kids about animals superpowers. And and you know it's it's actually lovely that you asked about bat because we do have a fun of bank coming up at will be talking about but. You animals do have amazing powers and you know on one hand I believe that at people comment dobbs they are my heroes because they're actually saving the lives of animals. But we do you have that mission it's people helping animals animals helping people and we do you see all the time the things they do for human beings. And so we have a number of programs there are therapeutic riding program waiters are Patton character he retake the unconditional love of animals in too. Convalescent homes and hospitals and to work with high risk youth as well as I wounded warriors. And we will see them do things. We've these individuals that they are working with that doctors can't get out of them because there are people that whether they're suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. And they are maybe you're not talking and their having their kind of to themselves. We've seen people who have been wounded and maybe haven't locked in a wheelchair. And Indy meet these animals and whether it's we had a wonderful bird named Harry prolonged Chinese to go and sit on the shoulders. People have been paralyzed in council with them or dogs that'll come up and and and animals don't have any judgment of people they lie of the the people for who they are. So there's this warmth that's exchanged and there are not that people are feeling judged the animals are just excited to see them. And Robin Cohen who runs that program has seen people walk again for the first time she's seen people talk again for the first time. And it's a really incredible moving thing and it's been shown animals can lower blood pressure can create a calming effect on people can. Eat with our seniors that that they work with. They extend the life because some me these seniors have a friend and to me that they love that they're taking care of it gives them purpose. So you think he'd waited animals. Actually can provide aid. Their own super power healing four individuals. They also just as animals are amazing things that you can learn about them about how they learn to hide how they learn hunt and they had these Canada and easing things that you can learn about our critter cams that are also kind of super powers that we don't possess as humans so. It's also fun to learn how each creature out there has as special skill. That makes them really really special and means that we should look at them and really respect what they can do that we can't and they do definitely have a huge impact they definitely. How does somebody get. Signed up for one of the skits they just want to animals that are dot org that is our website. You'll see all sorts of amazing things there but just click on the education baton there's something worth our programs click on education. And if a whole list of all the different programs coming up. And they not only do these critter cams that are cancer this summer and through that winter holidays is that they Olson to really fund. One time event so that during the holiday season they have this great little chemists know we farmed things during the around Halloween they have this. Fun autumn harvest. Where you can go through kind of thing it's kind of like on your house that you actually get to meet all these little creatures. And you get to find out why they're on a ski areas they seen as a result of funding as the kids to be involved with it's a great way to do something. That's educational and also really wonderfully fun for kids at any time a year. Another great program that that I really love his injured and a meals idol that program to do right now that is a wonderful wonderful program. So that of course Helen Woodward was also a part of beginning map program. Meals on wheels was in existence for a long time and that what they were finding is that when they were delivering food to homebound elderly or or or people with disabilities couldn't get out. To go shopping. They were finding that people were taking their feud and splitting with their pack that couldn't get out to get right. But their animals were like the main thing that they live for their very best friends were there for each family members and we're not gonna get this pat. And so somebody gave on liberty call and said hey when we do you know we we need some help with these pets so. She started app program and a meals where we collect food and we deliberate through the meals on wheels program may help us out distribute it that way. And so every week we're bringing food into the pets who are owned by homebound elderly or disabled. And it's not 250 people we can believe that they help. And it's an amazing amazing program where we're seeing as you're talking horsing healing powers of those pats we don't want them to be separated from the people that own them. And eight it's it's really wonderful heart warming program so that the food has been brought into their homes and I have to go themselves you'll get exactly exactly and and we were for the number of groups like angels depot in the case of meals on Nielsen number of other groups around that distribute food. And when they distribute the food humans they also bring in fees for pets so they'll find out if they have a senior cat. He needs only wet food they have a large dog that he's a certain type of food and we make sure that that exact food is delivered ams that the pet stays healthy and the humans they helped me. Yet had done meals on wheels and angels depot and yeah on the show are a couple of a couple of great organization is really sorry work. Another program of viewers is your therapeutic horseback riding program that's I mean I've had. A couple of different organizations on and it did do that kind of work as well what what are you guys do it then tell them Woodward animal center. So we are about fifteen. Clients a week and these are disabled adults and children. And one of the things that's amazing about this horseback riding program. It actually. Simulates that movement of the course when you get a child or an adult who maybe have they have trouble walking. On the back of course. The warmth of their muscles and that movement at the horse does actually simulate walking. So it is an unbelievable thing to weigh in that at to see the waste and of these. Clients who have not been able to walker struggled to lock suddenly start developing muscular skills it also gives them confidence. And one of the things that I really love about this program too is that those horses. A lot of them were working horses some of them are race horses some of them worked at different places all over where they were with humans every single day and we've had some that did jumping and things like that and then make it too old for it and the horses actually go into depression because. Courses when they have a purpose and some may like to do when he suddenly can't do anymore and senators just left installs. It's very depressing to them. So a lot of times will get a horse donated it'll say this was working horse they love to be around people they love to do something with people. And you'll see these horses get so excited when the client showed up when these. People that they work with everyday and it's this beautiful I mean it's it's actually makes me teary eyed when I when I get to watch it the Wheaties kids in the east horse's ball on. And it's beautiful for both individuals vs and the people so it's it's a gorgeous program and and do you ever get rescue horses we didn't we actually yet we really do an end. There are people like they say to they'll they'll find a horse or they'll have a horse or somebody need you'll pass away and it got its course and you know what to do with that enable. Contact us is taken beginning this course for the program and it's really loudly so they'd be stay with us there parallel taking care of and they have constant everyday interaction. With the people and of course all of our programs whether their education whether there. Our patent counter therapy whether their therapeutic horseback riding there's a process that the animals go through to make sure that they enjoy the work. So there's no animal than any of our programs who wouldn't enjoy that doesn't want to be there right and they are sanctuaries for animals that they just want to basically hang around and you know let it go like just hang on a farm belt. So the ones that we have are ones that really actually they respond to humans and they wanted to something humans and that's exciting ten. Any interaction between horse and again and and another. Animal that has that healing power exactly on the interaction I've seen it before it could have been Samoa other organizations that have forced back. Writing therapeutic programs in the interaction in the bond between the writer is a child of the adult. Yeah horses amazing I'm now on it's funny because I didn't know much about horses and efforts are working at Helen Woodward. And now I view them as very large dogs I mean yes hats gorgeous creatures and they really do bond with their humans so it's it's a beautiful thing as saying. Now that the Helen Woodward animal center not only having an impact on the lives of animals people here in San Diego and Southern California but. Worldwide to yes you have several programs worldwide programs right. He sure did that's really exciting thing. You know in 1999. Mike arms our president and CEOs started at the home for the holidays program. Which we are now partnered with blue buffalo on Aron amazing partner and basically it is a program that encourages people to adopt during a holiday season and people used to a lot of shelters used to kind of closed during the holiday season because they were worried that pats would be given as impulse gifts. And quick contrarian Sonny wants to give their child pop either pathfinder poppy anyways so they weren't end up going to backyard breeders they go to pet stores. And of course if they're not licenses and if they're not an organization that really cares about the animals. Andy that they're glad to sell to anybody that'll take a puppy and so a lot of times we wouldn't have seen these. Puppies and kittens come to our our organization after the holidays because. And they were sold the wrong doll like yeah so Mike started a program to. Try to encourage all rescue facilities to stay open during the holidays because of course of these wonderful staff members also I know you wanna husky. But you have an apartment. It just may be out as sole head. You know about these these. Staff members are really skilled and healthy people find a perfect pet that's gonna really make. A wonderful loving gift. Well since he started that program in 1999 he started out with all the rescue facilities here in town. It is expanded and now we work with over 4000 rescue facilities in 23 different countries. The program itself has placed loving. Wonderful pets and for upper loving homes that number is now over twelve million Pat's place and having pounds. So that's a really incredible program. And blue buffalo they provide aid food and gifts and everything to the rescue facilities participate. So that helps them promote and say we've got some wonderful people can't adopt during his time here took it just a love love love relationship that we have. We also have remember me Thursday which comes up in September. It's a wonderful day when we add this is also another programmer working with a 164 different countries asking people all on the same day. Which is the fourth Thursday in September. To share on social media show a picture of their pet encourage people to adopt. That program we at this point I think they're 526. Million social media impressions I've been made from Mac program encouraging people to adopt. Letting people know that 3.4 million pets in this country die every year and there's no need we have so many wonderful animals we need to be adopted. So it's making a change and that number. And then we're also Helen Woodward also goes around the world and we train for free other rescue facilities. How to do a lot of the work that we do we flight ever free we teach for free we just are trying to help other rescue facilities create a program. On business practices that they can help save more lives they can make more money for their own organizations and keep those numbers down and stop the euthanasia. I actually have posted padding on my F FaceBook page about remember me there I can't love you don't have cut back at. Now he got a big event coming up. We surge it is. Your fourth annual home come content science Saturday July 23. Is there a reason or is it a coincidence that that's happening same weekend as the. Telecom comic I don't know if you know I think here people line up thousands and thousands of people come to San Diego and in line up to meet they are super hero or to dress up as a superhero. And of course adopters to us at the superheroes and the pets that we have are superheroes. And I was thinking actually during one of the comic cons all these people were getting all excited their lineup that need these superheroes and people they see in movies and TV. And a speaking about how our dogs and cats they wait every day for the people to come and all these doctors coming in there waiting to meet their super hero. And sell it started as four years ago it sir it is a really cute food issues re. You know it just our animals up in costumes had our tents. And look for re lean and she bark. And all these great to you know but and that costumes and means that we need all the animals in the facility and we got some great media attention from it and since that time it's kind of grown and last year we kind of took off the premises and had people come and they you know during comic con people just happen in cost play where it's right college we did pause play so we had all of our animals stressed that ask people to bring their animals just a big cost him do that. Contest had great judges judge the contest. And we ended up being listed as one of the top ten things to do insanity outside of comic con the public on. So this year hasn't center reached out to us and they wanted to expand it even more so it's going to be hazards manner. Which is really exciting for a couple reasons first of all there is a trolley stop right there are so people could come to pop icon in the morning from tendon news and on that Saturday and and they can hop right on the trolley a parking is fielding and it had staked out comic con so we kid. Really and it's also right in the center of everything right in the center mission valley. So it's great they're gonna have carnival games that I have the pods play contest that and a half. Anybody that enters the possibly contest gets a goodie bag with also surprises as well as two free tickets the ultra star cinemas which is right there. All the participating. Businesses around there it got people giving prizes which which is giving prizes and and I believe the tallest studio and salaam they're going to be giving prizes at. There's also to fund things to do out there it's two hours bring your pets. All the money raised is the ten dollars for the contest all that goes through it's the pats the programs that on the part animal senator. And of course it's all pushing adoption and reminding people that are furry pets are are superheroes and adopters are superheroes that's what. Now as is there any one particular area in house or senate so happy statue if anybody knows for the big statue is of the guy who founded a hazard center. But it's really actually right in the center of everything so if anybody knows where Joe's crab shack is they're right also demeaning prices. It's right there and I have a stage set up for the contest. They'll have little Booth set up for all sorts of fun stuff to look at. It's a very family friendly event and it is for Eaton but we do encourage people to bring their pets down dressed. Will there be lots of fun picture taking opportunities lots of fun things to look at. Like I said lots of fun prizes an opportunity drawings and also some great things to do down there and even if you don't have a pet. It's great to come down it will have some of our adopt Apple's there's that people can see some of the available pets down there as well. And then of course those who don't have pets can operate on the trolley and had to come back afterwards and will people be able to adopt. Kept their money we actually do not adopt on site. But if there was one that they were interested and we'll have applications in the amount that can follow us right activists that are and they can adopt very fair that's great sounds like him a great event in and it's so neat that you've got the whole shopping center pretty much in and we're really grateful the house and senate they they said that they'd like to make an annual event so we hope it does and it being an annual that. It sure has been fun people are really enthused to conduct such cute thing it reminds people that you know we believe that pets are family. And you get to see people down there with these pets that are definitely their family. We even see pets that compete in the contest that we're Helen Woodward adaptable that they need answer orphaned pets and now they're in a loving home. And they dressed up as an adorable cost him they're being loved on by their families. So it's a real lovely thing to see that today that it all comes around and and you see these animals and these wonderful situations. And yes just a really great dates we hope a lot of people come around. So yeah and that's Saturday July 23 hazard center in mission valley. Fourth annual. Palmer con convention from ten and in ten to noon I you mentioned earlier with beginning the program that. You are nonprofit her act like you don't get any funding federal funding or or state funding anything so an event like this very important for you. It's so important to us and we continue do which absolutely and you know if people wanna come down and would like to donate to that would be greatly even. You know if they wanna drop off blankets or pet foods for fur and a meals program anything that people can do and they might just come down and have a nice time and supported options. We really really appreciate it like I said it is free we want people to come down and feel that they can participate one where another but yes. I do appreciate you saying that it is the people that donate to our scanner are literally saving lives and they are helping with these beautiful programs that help. Seniors that help kids that help. Disabled individuals. It is a beautiful stunner and we appreciate dollar donors very months. You do have other events throughout the year I know that you have that one that I was at Penn on the day or. Well we do have the warm warm Lauren Lauren and Elliot and they did the pet day a mistake right we also ever serve stocks are up on which is coming up in September that's gonna be on September 11. That is one of the most fun about you talk about superhero path. And pets that literally dogs are out there are surfing has it is amazing as a site that it is just like OK Kathy. And that's coming up when that is coming up September 11 September 11 great. NASA sent somebody wants to make a donation they can do that a two website absolutely animals under dot org and I and social media. Yet but yet we've got that just got to Helen Woodward animal center where H whack on our Twitter if anybody wants to come down and post their photos. It's sad and I hw EC began where you located clearing Rancho Santa Fe added we're not too far off from the Del Mar heights exits. And I just go inland about seven miles an hour right in there it's a beautiful place to see like I say it's twelve acres. Have I mean there's so many things to see if you go down and we even have an orphan objects for resale store. As with all these people lovely people from Regis and they have do needed their furniture and beautiful things of this. Stewart so it's a wonderful place to glance around and by sending an all that money goes to the cut some programs that Helen Woodward you can look at our alpaca is and meet all our animals as you're walking around it's a great place to come and visit. So your job and Paula con event the money raised their doesn't go to any one particular program and it just gets it just goes to bed and go on he added the adoptions in lousy adoptions but. We we contributed to our all of our programs there has great. Jessica pleasure seeing you and they senior it's great having you on the show Yemeni in Yankee do what you do and Helen Woodward animal center. Thank and all you do for our furry little friends thank you very. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff management. Of the and it comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living better in San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from the moonlight cultural foundation until that I'm Garry lake have a great week.