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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living better and San Diego public service presentation of this radio station and Gary Lee. Healthy adventures foundation is a local nonprofit offering wellness programs to many here in San Diego County. The goal and healthy adventures is to educate inspire support. And create opportunities for healthy lifestyle. Their services are very individualized. Enhance not joining us this morning is healthy adventures foundation Chief Executive Officer. Chief financial officer and founder Wendy Heilman. And health coach to lead shot the Aussie welcome Wendy welcome shoddy pat Kane and nice to be here thank you for having us Wellesley to have that the both of you here today. I'm sure Wendy there's there are people that are who are listening today that don't know anything about healthy adventures foundations like we start there. But the little background information on your organization share. So healthy adventures on nation is C a wellness company and it's funny when when I see that a lot of people say what what exactly does that mean and really what it means is that we. Go out into communities and we work with organizations and groups and individuals and we really tried to teach them about healthy lifestyle and in ways that are kind of a little more natural so we are really looking at ways to kind of get people to think about their wellness. Where it's not like work than you feel like an extra burden. I see. Because that sometimes that that that is the case correct. Now now you are the founder I am what motivated you start this organization. And it's kind of funny I actually. Originally thought I was gonna be in nurse and I thought it was going to be a physical therapists and have been athletic trainer and I was really working with people. On even as an undergrad working kind of like the personal training business and lot of people who just really needed the support to make changed to for to be a more permanent thing and com and at some point I suddenly decided that working with individuals. Was. Not kind of relay where I wanted to be had wanted to work with individuals but I was much more organizational I want it. When I was fine with these folks is that they have died. They had good intention. They had good knowledge but they were not supported in making these changes so they would make these changes at home and then go to work. And trying to undo everything with these you know her right front doughnuts and then you know so how do you make these changes. So I really wanted to kind of shift my focus from the individual tomorrow organizational and how long is the organization that around. We start in 1987. And originally were it was a for profit so I was doing nonprofit work with afterschool programs for it from the beginning. And then in 2007 we became mine nonprofit I relinquished all control to the board. And com and that's been a really good. Decision for us and it's actually helps business grow substantially. And you've expanded quite a bit too haven't you started here in San Diego County that now you've spread out right right. So. The original disturbance any of Connie and then we kind of diversified into Southern California. Then we eventually picked up clients in Arizona and then eventually we started moving further north Fresno. Sacramento are starting to pick up clients in San Jose Oakland. And then we're also picking up clients and other states we just sent a team to Hawaii they did not complain. We've got a client in West Virginia Texas sort all over the place now. That's great so now so things are going well for it definitely what is the the mission. And or vision and the future your organization. So really what we're trying to do is partner with communities organizations groups and individuals and we're really trying to create a model of health. So health is not a simple thing help really encompasses. Many different aspects and someone's life so we normally think about health we think about eating right and exercise and things like that by. But it's way more than that and it's things like. How well that I sleep last night you know into I have a good supportive relationship do way. Now how to communicate well with others do I know how to manage my stress levels. So it is much bigger than just eating right and exercise. Yeah and I think you're right that's what a lot of people consider or think about when they think about getting healthy race that I could break. But yet so much more involved race you're not getting seven and nine hours of sleep at night. Then you're putting yourself at risk of increasing your risk of getting tanked today b.s and that's a substantial. Health risk free right there so just working on some he sleeps strategies and actually help them lose weight. Your doctor right now what what kind of doctor are you. I have Ph.D. in organizational psychology I did my dissertation on employee wellness strategies. So an organizational psychology is kind of like. Sort of like an enemy. In a Ph.D. level course but with a very humanistic approach so instead of just looking at it from. Productivity. And really looking at it from Penn those standpoint it's it's really how'd you motivate people change. And with your foundation you focus on from what I understand you focus less on weight management and more on improving health and smaller chunks at a time absolutely. So shoddy of you free to chime in here and. I think a lot of folks everywhere I went on an individual level and eve and with groups that I spoken met are really intimidated guy. Maybe a big chuckle sleeping needle news or feel like they need to fuel. And on it acts or say they feel that they need to deal that starting small that we built people's confidence. And you can make so much more change. Yes starting Matt little level. Sell for example I've worked with clients who have made changes that it's taken us so very you're out there and kind of working. You ante in India out you know exactly how much you sleep been. Are you eating at home and asked. You know house staff sat where thinking about those little things ultimately get heat not Al archer what what is your background. And I ain't got and a graduate degrees in public health and anthropology. And currently getting my masters is act Indy gusty and public health credit. So I saw a study the other day on the fattest cities in America. Memphis. Number one on the fast. San Diego though well one of the finished I think it was like the fourteenth finished in usually receive reports like this there's another report that comes out of remarks while also about the fittest cities in San Diego usually. Fares well with that as well. What is your take. On on that we is there room for more improvement on and on our end here or or what. Well there is major room for improvement on because with those kind of reports. There are huge differences. Between different populations. So what we know is that certain ethnicity have higher risk factors for disease and preventable disease at that. So if you look at some of the some on statistics are put out by the centers for disease there's not a great little tag line called before fifteen. And what it is is there's three lifestyle strategies that amount the top four causes of death and amount to 50% of the deaths the United States why is that relevant to your question. Because if you look at different communities. That actually gets worse and see an eagle why that's the number but if he won a south faint and numbers 3467. If you going to east region it's 3462. So where you live matters so we may be the fittest but we're probably the you know fourteen fittest or the probably the fourteenth of this in and Caucasian. Affluent neighborhoods. If you go into a lower income areas you're gonna find on healthier lifestyles and it's not. It's not cultural differences it's oftentimes access differences. She going to these line come areas and what you're gonna find is fast food restaurants in every corner. And it's not that fast food is making people fat. But if you can't have access to healthy affordable food. And that's where the problem as. It also means that median those communities the parks may not be as safe or maybe they have equipment that's not as good swings are broke and all of these kind of things can definitely have an impact walk global communities if you live in the neighborhood where you don't have sidewalks you're less likely to walk. So all of these things definitely have an impact on on that fittest city kind of thing so I think we still have a tremendous in my power to do. And also with those lists thinking they're really I was worried B and one of the first things are looking at as we eat. But we did actually kind of it flawed wade T determines one's health just because you have a healthy can I Tanzania have chronic disease. It doesn't mean that you don't have no other no health schools should be working nine. So I think a list I think it's a good thing where one of the Fed as they just deathly doesn't mean a whole story. Right so and so in those other communities the options are not there right not to make their life healthier ray yet. Now I also understand that I am healthy adventures foundation uses what you call via the ecological model of health what it was that. Saudi. Take the oath so that the ecological model is Chris are it's that the individuals select when he was talking about earlier she wanted to expand outside at the end it. So as to our one on one with people how you really make lasting changes and working at the inner personal level. Organizational level and also the broader policy level thirty ecological model of working on health. It is. Focusing on relationships people have with others. You know where they work where they go to school where any man that he organizational. Level. And then also there's a policy problem we don't necessarily excellent with the policy at greater scale the media organizational apple. And I Hadley to add to that. Too so. For example we work and school districts and and when we were with the school districts. He employees have full access of health coaches they can request classes all of these kind of things so we're working with the individual. At the same time we're going into the organizations the school districts and were trying to help them create. Better policies with in the organization so for example. It's not just like a wellness policy he can't include but it's doesn't have to be just that it could be. That if they had meetings. On at the meetings that they are not gonna serve unhealthy food options worth they have a healthy food options that they offset it. With at least 50% healthy options. If you're meeting goes over two hours that you take a a wellness breaks so that people can get up and move around. Fun one is standing innovations any time anyone claps everybody has to stand up to clap and and just to get people out of their seat you earn seven more calories standing they do verses soon so little things like that or you can just kind of kind of work in the policies and start making an organizational change and really kind of changing the culture and with which you work. Soared two and a half hour show here and I'm standing salmon account earning seven calories is permit an editor it's roughly about seven calories permanent but keep in mind. It does depend on. Your week it depends on and each department and gender body fat it plans on hold different things but that's rough pass them on burning more than you yeah absolutely. It's an out so when you go into the schools are you working with a staff for the students or or equally with both. So we actually work with us staff more than we've worked with that the students all OK but we do with wealth. On so primarily we target the employees so we are actually. Brought in by what's called purchasing agents either purchase health care. And they bring us in California schools you is the largest women's Southern California. So that they work and apart like the benefits package so in the school districts come in and have us come in this the employees have paid for him this it's all free to them. So they we can come in and we would do like health screenings where we've gotten two of body fat we might do cholesterol screenings we might need to lean glucose screenings HB a one c.s to test their lunch early time. We can do body measurements. Body aged which is not a very scientific and unknown but it's the wanna get people talking animals and so it might be things flake you know with a come out in the request this to a healthy cooking class could be hands on her demonstration based. So not only do we. Told them you know what their numbers are you know here's what your numbers are in and then show them how they fit within the normal ranges are the higher ranges. We try to talk them into going to see the doctor can't make them of course but we certainly try that. We also then try to connect them with health coaches like Shania. In the health coaches can then work with them on an individual basis or they can work with them with a small group like things maybe have six coworkers that really have won a tackle stress. Or maybe be wanna tackle food issues I mean they wanna tackle exercise or weight loss of whatever the theme is we can come in and do that. We can actually do exercise classes. You know they can request he'll go or what's your favorite class he'd teach Tony Tony funny which is a combination and car idea all stretch teen and strength training rates though variety of fun things we also do. Relief fund workshops like foods in mood that's my favorite means shutting laughing that's he said that was her fame and where we teach people really fun anecdotal things like garlic you've heard garlic is good for you the it's also known as Alice in Wonderland food. Which is kind of funny so Tom when you heard garlic good for. I thought. You can't I can't think of any off the top but I know I've heard things that we may help for all kinds of different things well. It's actually one clone a day can lower you are you or cholesterol levels by nine point 9% paint can lower your blood pressure by five point 5%. If you crush it and then wait ten minutes and then walk away from that. And then you come back to it ten minutes later. It's also an anti viral anti bacterial anti fungal and an anti inflammatory all rolled and that's why Kathy Alice in Wonderland. Name. So fun little things like that where people are gonna eat garlic anyway but why not smashes mainly ten minutes you get even more health. Benefits out of it I see at had a at a state the other night that had a a garlic clove right and I set it aside are sitting on it now. I remember that next time I can think so foods and what's really fun and and even though it doesn't necessarily always teach people like how they're gonna miraculously changed their world overnight. If they can take one. Usable item out of that an implement that one usable item that is one more than they did last week that's one more than they did yesterday. We see that as monumental progress. And I think that's the difference between kind of what we do and what. Many of the traditional weight loss strategies do we're not looking to make people perfect were trying to make people healthy. Even now another another food and that you you're talking about other food items that are healthy now that chocolate is not a thing right right that. And there's a big ad chocolate festival going on today is there in town yeah he thinking we're not opposed to chocolates Obama moderation. See that's that's always the thing right. My edition. I have no problem with people eating sweets are the things that they love the most fills a comfort foods they oftentimes are. I'm very well and their reasons why people usually like those foods those foods are usually high in carbohydrates the carbohydrates. Increase your serotonin levels in your brain which is a natural anti depressant. So people feel sad they will gravitate towards those carbohydrate rich foods and even letting people know that and that that's okay. Actually can help people make change you know I will here's some of the reasons why you might be cranking out good. You know also just kind of think about it at that point it's making you feel good then at that moment it's totally fine. You mentioned that she you go into the schools that is mainly for the staff correct but you do have youth programs to meet you can we do so. We actually have a really long term relationship about twenty plus years with kind seen ego department of parks and rec. And we work in their after school programs and spring valiantly tried him on Brooke. And we do some pre fund things with the kids these are usually very high risk kids in very low income. More of the low income schools. And we do healthy cooking classes with we have a very fun. None class that we modeled off of fear factor. And so it's actually confidence building clapped as can we actually do. What do kids get three challenges that a test of knowledge. A test of strength or test of will and as you can imagine when a test it will only. It does involve eating. Bugs. And I didn't and I have to tell you the kids love it they love it the kids don't have to do it they can pass to another teammate. On but the kids always wanna eat bugs so com and they have a really good time and it really the whole primary reason of doing this is to build their confidence. You want kids to take calculated risks because that actually. Helps them com grow and develop. And so it sounds kind of funny but there's actually real you know heavy duty science behind what bad choices that we make we also work at plants keep children from Britain. And where they're seven days a week twice today on Monday through Friday. And we do. The recreation programs recreation programs are really to teach the kids. Healthy lifestyle strategies that also better coping strategies these are kids that are have lots of anxiety lots of stress. And so these programs are really designed to make them. Have a very good experience while they're in Polanski children sinner and and then for anybody who doesn't know that's era emergency. Temporary. Foster program. And so on not only that but we teach cooking to kids were transitioning out of childhood basically out of the Foster care system. So that they can learn how to cook. Healthy low cost meals. On that really focus on. Linked eating beans and rice and there's like seven staple items that really are very easy and very inexpensive. And then we also do gardening there with the kids too which is to leave monetary. European. And go and other businesses as well please schools right we shared canceled pretty much the same same thing that she viewed. Do there you know what we've found is what we can do with the kids we can do with adults just as much at. Then they have marked and yeah yeah absolutely. So you have you have I think that you do it's it is once in the our meetings yes and what what's that. So want to wants learn meaning is it a couple ways one is it can be just presentation based where they that. Folks can and bring their lunch to the meeting. And we'll either come up for an hour or 230 minutes or 220 minute sessions. And then talk to them about different xxx I'll strategies depending on what they want so foods and foods is one of them. We just developed urban and urban farming. Workshop which is actually pretty fun to. We can teach people about. You know healthy eating and a budget. Exercises Madison India. They teach people strategies on how to use exercised like to lower your blood sugar. We teach people about the dash diet which is how to lower your blood pressure through. Food choice diet choices. In my the disease management stress reduction meditation. Pop conflict resolution we've even done things like contact and communication and assertiveness of Kyle all over the map because we do believe that. Again health and wellness is comes from many different angles pressure. And your philosophy is if it's not fund them do it absolutely I think life is weighty short to put up with non science I don't think he should be doing anything that's not fun. Including my. We try to do fun activities with them. We did we just took a team out. Com over the break the winner break and we actually took him to play kick ball. And we did with the batting cages hands we just took another team to go to without locked in a room and had a to bring users to get ourselves outsell. Com when we moved to bankers filled week. It but that hasn't waited a scavenger hunt and Leonid senses collar around and think this area at ten includes. And I didn't get the memos so I was wearing jeans for. Made my day to and I didn't Wear out his back in and around the Alley and as this school so it's it's a fun environment working. Yeah we try to make it that we mean we I feel like if we're going to teach people about health and wellness we need to let it. Right we don't have to be the skinny nest we don't have to be the fitness that we need to be always striving to improve our own well being as well. So let's talk about we we have a little time left here let's talk about. How one can get healthy how one can stay healthy and again it's not all about exercise or break or what you eat. About eight years ago I lost. Thirty capture was real strict about what I was doing it to get it done. But I'd put it back right in that respect. You have any advice for for somebody like me and how you keep that weight all right. Well one of the things that people most commonly do when they're trying to to change their life. It's too caloric restriction would restart immediately wanting to diet. Biologically our brain is hard wired to want and need food so that's the area that is least sustainable. So bomb what we try to encourage people do is actually instead of cutting food out is to start adding healthier food in. Which will then start pushing some of the least less healthy food out and then certainly to always increase lifestyle strategies so. You know if it's not exercise and at least it's more movement throughout the day standing person sitting taking stairs verses. Taking elevators it might be working in now today he go to the bank instead of going online banking walk up to the teller. Collect their card you pay at the pump. Go in pay for your gas come back Attica and you know the precious star park it's the furthest spot and a lot walk down every aisle what he needs something or not just to get those extra bits of movement and throughout Sunday. And I really think that's kind of more and more of the key even think about a hundred years ago. Your ancestors little laugh that you if you asked them they're going to the gym and get an anonymous tip told in this in this right now fast paced lifestyle right at these days. Right kind of off and with the calorie restriction and some my clients are relieved to hear and I say don't restrict yourself and many you tell yourself you can't eat a particular food. The more you're gonna start creating an initial and we knew eventually eat the food. You will probably. Right so it's really eating let your body wants to eat and if you actually get in tune with your body. You know it's not gonna be sweet sort chips and everything holiday time payments and it being different and having that talent and then also maybe sometimes having the cookie. And also just listening to hunker accused you know when you're hungry eat. When your full stop eating and to kind of break it down not way and not be so millet and went abusing me in keeping me off that being. You know more forgiving and and just listening to those kids break. So aside from the weight issue again Mike you mentioned earlier in the in the in the program. There's sleeping habits and other habits that she can work on for an overall healthier lifestyle. Absolutely and sleep and stress and all those things also contribute to weight. So we know if we address those issues that eventually the wait may actually come off things like sleep apnea people don't even think about this but sleep apnea and pierce nor. That actually increases the likelihood of you gaining weight and then when you gain weight not being able to lose it. So getting sleep apnea diagnosed and then treating it may actually help the wait tough falloff. So we make it very difficult for ourselves and insanity is than we are very hard on ourselves and we what we wanted to use this let people know that it's okay. And that small changes really call long way in making a difference in people's lives. Have you any do you do on any one on one and then we we talk about how good. It's part of a benefits package type thing with the businesses break you one on one. We do so that was our model originally in and we have we don't advertise in that area anymore. But we still pickup clients from here it's time to time. As they come in we just don't promote in that area and just simply because. Just because it was a shift in the model on but we still have a a few one on one clients including one on one clients and our kids. That are struggling with weight issues and usually it's not a kid issues usually parenting issue and on and it's not that the parents are bad parents it's really just to trick re educate the parents on how to strategize with food. How to strategize with getting more physical activity and throughout today. And mom and so we definitely take on clients like that. And again I think that goes goes to that fast paced society right that we that we are now right you know the people don't have enough time to. To prepare that may be healthy mile range and how many people you know we've been cooked these days that's it's a very very small number and so 40% of your meals are. Our going out to eat it's not that the Hokies options aren't out there it's just those are often not picked chosen meals that are out there. And most of the time when you not to eat the portion size are double the size of what you would actually mean I was gonna say that it is it can't get a small portion right about the right path and if. So you are nonprofit we are and you have this something new this year it I believe right some fundraising opportunities rate. So we're. We're self funded it which is the kind of an interesting model where we're considered day social entrepreneurship. And what has happened is we we. Really would like to be doing more with the low income areas and the kids programs and because our revenues aren't high enough we there's only so much we can do I mean same with all nonprofits. So weak this year are actually rolling out a new fund raising strategy you know a lot of companies. One nonprofits they do five keys and gone somewhere trying to think of something different what's a new way to kind of innovate and fundraising opportunities so what we're trying to do is. Is allow individuals to do fundraising. So for example let's say you and a bunch your France want to have our chef Greg come out and do a healthy cooking class for you and your friends. Well this would be actually sold at a higher level Italy with onto a community that class would be media 105 dollars for kids. But we're gonna sell for 500 dollars. And so everybody can chip into that and then basically that would go out and actually paid for eight classes and serve up to 240 you can. So I am not how I've never been good at asking for money. And so my feeling is this they somebody gets something out of it to and I I'm hoping that'll take off and that people like the idea you know we haven't rolled out formally gets this kind of getting an out there but com this is the idea behind it is that some will will it'll be something they wanna do it'll be fine they'll get something and then he'll be. We'll give something back as well. Now once you do role that will an information about the on your website yes definitely and we're actually working on developing a marketing materials right now so it should be out probably in the next I would say ninety days for him. So a second great idea great way to raise money. Yet now summit must make a donation to help you with your your mission in your and your vision they can do that if your website oh absolutely yeah yes so we we we definitely east do you take donations and and we actually have a list on our website even material things that we need for like the cooking classes for the kids we are always looking for. Recreational equipment for the kids. Bombs and things like that that we can use our programs Casey take in kind donation you and and a way that to get that he did it come down to your office be absolutely. They didn't come down to our office our offices and banker's hill where it to 29414. Avenue. It does look Michael little house that night from built in 1929 is a very cool building. But they just ring the bell and some annual common come to the door and lemon. Okay and and your website was the address where at www. Healthy adventures foundation dot org and there are you on that social media. We are we're on FaceBook and more on interest yes I can't state with interest played frequently sick looking for healthy recipes. Actually Texas now. Now Wendy and their shoddy thank you so much for being on the show today I learned a lot. And thank you for all you do in the community thank you hands we really appreciate it. That concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of this radio station. Episodes of living veterans San Diego are available on the station's web site. Join me next week when my guess will be from the San Diego hunger coalition until then I'm Gary late have a great week.