Have You Ever Stolen Money From Your Kids?

Tuesday, March 6th


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San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KS ON Jon and Tammy in the morning Tammy is not here today. She is in Wisconsin for one more day hoping to see her brand new grandson her daughter Taylor is being very stubborn about it and refuses to let him go on cheer up. The way we'll hopefully hear some good news very soon and have him back with us I believe on Wednesday. Anyway welcome to John Tammy the morning and this is the question 8332871037. When was the last Jimmy stole from your kid and if. Highlight that they're not here at not making me feel as guilty when you ask what was less than not have you ever okay it's confession time Johns poking fun at me right now because I shared with him. Over the weekend my kids did have some money they're grandparents sent them for Valentine's Day how much money. Ten bucks each and bucks each so we went to just all right say you guys can pick out toll NA. Source the five dollar toys in the each picked out a five dollar toy and I said integrate chilies and I I use the rest for the rest of the grocery. You can give money. How did you see it that way yes I did I guess is dead and in my head I'm like you know what if I bought I bought that race car I buy you that toy. Did your mom and dad and to send use that money. For groceries or they send it thinking that their grandkids are gonna get it on for the grant pay you again. Your kids 32871037. Let's go to Andrea in Carlsbad Andrea have you told your kids before we got to say when was election idea. Right. Yeah at my hat tip their bird say it was just a couple weeks it out and my brother gave them twenty dollars. And street he doesn't know that he's missing twenty dollar I needed some gas money could go on and around. There. Hate to at Alaron needs at less money right understand that. Cars need gas to drive I get that I know the gas costs money. I still might take up on the way here by the steal my kids this time however I last week. Andrea as Ike but he still ten bucks from Julie why I didn't steal. Okay I I just asked her for it I was we were driving as she night I spent an idea my place in I was driving her home. I'd be my haircut in RB and a CI and they they don't take tax on the credit card anymore. They rarely carry cash with me and I I don't have time to stop at the ATM and Julia had mentioned. Much to her that much or her chagrin as it turns out that she had made a bunch of money she's a hostess at islands. That's her job and so she made some tips and tip money so as they wouldn't have been ten dollars and tip money for dead wood just a wide. They said why don't Russell story can change it kind of you know reluctantly handed over that call dollars but Iraq at out of paying it back. I I did not speak. Out I earn that money you just water or land. A laptop as a treat she needs a laptop for school schools don't supply laptops she can't get her home or done any other way she Stiller and interest in light hold my god 88. And 1037. Ellis won the last time he stole from your child what were Dylan. I mean I know we gave them life and food and air you know build close this but if it's if they're working and getting a gift of money that's their money right now I'm not a court not to enter him in the morning one of 37 KM Selanne. San Diego's number one for new country 1037 care facility like staffed due steal your kids. It's do or our circuit when's the last time you. Accidentally borrowed money that didn't belong to Blondie your child that better okay yes I admitted when we went shopping over the week and the kids each had. Ten dollars from their grandparents to spend. And each pay a fine how are you just called the money to the entire bill. Some of that went to extra groceries for the family I'm not not your own newsman but okay okay okay I'm sure I'm not the only one that's done that. Hi Jennifer in Santee. I'm not sure this is really dealing but play. My coworker said it as we did he can't make that Maggette gets cart yet it was something that he when he was younger even. You don't even when he was fourteen Nash. But it that was the cart that he. Didn't know what to do with a gap via hey you go here you wanted to take this top my and they get recaps for it's been that would charge and up high dollar profit think they. It's not only would he give you his gift card to spend on yourself lead charged an extra five bucks well. They'll because people want cash it'll look back I got to change it there was a forty dollar gift card attractive high dollar processing DD like that. Brought that rocket that all eight you're the one that wants. Hit a conveniently it's like a nice I don't really call it stealing Michael barker like. So in other words you get a fifty dollar gift card do whatever Wal-Mart he began 45 bucks back I would. Take that get hit forty fact that leak then you get used to your kids old. So thank you keep me you propose this to me though they're going to be convenient speed like if you go to ATF's. Take money out of the can be pretty this. That this is not really on topic but you have to listen this text exchange from my oldest daughter was in college Abby. She is a freshman and she has a job. And less than I checked I'm paying for college education. She sends me a screen shot of these dog and slippers. Can I please. Get these might be have been so freezing at school all away I say how black ice age you have money drugs. Mum said to ask you ha ha ha ha. London thanks. And I think you've worked hard enough you can get yourself a gift if you want was my response cash and chizik I just bought a plane ticket because she wants him on vacation this summer to Portland with her girlfriend. In shoes and here's the kicker and it's my half birthday tomorrow. Knowledgeable. It anyway. Yet there are a lot more. Options. Thrifty with their own cash and they asked with a parent. And I gotta get into her than her next Texas so can't put you don't repair a hole. I love it. He hit is Kelly Danica in the ST CC traffic senator.