Have You Ever Lost Something That Was Hiding In Plain Sight?

Wednesday, July 11th


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Have you ever lost something that is hiding in plain sight. Welcome to John and Tim in the morning San Diego's number one for new country one of 370 as though and. Might end quote my special and never mind I use the one that's right here I sit in front of my baseball diamond mine so little time. I have certain I'd like to write was Sara hall and all I know that you do I just want people realize things we have to go through here and you Alia you pour pour my special report think this is. Yeah. I like certain pens and some people can can totally relate to that I know producer Jessica does. I it's a certain things well you know. Yeah yeah you have to keep track of everything John Q thank you I would nor your lists and we have to keep track of things and keep it nice to meet record every you don't want those parents that it's bleed all over orders masses ash pond and it's on badly some pundits are. Number is 83271037. The reason we're bringing this up. I'm 1037 KSO oil giant M in the morning his leg during my vacation two weeks ago. I lost inspect a frantic week looking for my new headphones that were never lost in the first half. Back story I've finally invested any nice pair of headphones. I have I have had crappy headphones my entire career. The always break in Ellis wondering OK how can it's time the it was also Father's Day. So I called my daughter's eyes and guess what you're buying me a sponsor Christopher fathers that we talk economic done and done deal. And I got these headphones and wore them on the plane their noise canceling Dan. New Orleans going I wore them on the plane. For my road trip. I also took them. To my fishing trip which was in Wisconsin with my friends I. On packed my bag to show them my super neat headphones. And I couldn't find them and they were gone. I was for sure. That somebody had robbed me of these via the same panel is very angry at myself do you ever have anything nice these. Are some reasons why you don't get nice thinks I even called the lift driver and where I was right before I got my friend's place thinking that somehow my clothes bag. Popped open as I was in the left and the and one thing and one thing only on the bag these headphones via. Portland driver had no idea what I was speaking of I know why because they were never lost OK the entire time. They were in the couch underneath the couch where my big fat. Was sitting all. Tammy. There is a picture of me on day walk and my fishing trip okay if you look very closely to this pitchers are known zoom in the first Dana it. This is day one that I told my body and I've lost these headphones this is day one if you can just tell me as I zoom in the there's John. John's talking what do shock and if you zoom in on my big fat but. What do you see under the couch of those headphones. A ball is blowing this bush what do you see echoing. You're doesn't try yeah. You're probably crazy layer high. Right height bothered my friends the entire week with the I can skip we've lost my headphones only do we even came out of bed 1 morning is that I have a dream a but they were in the couch so we dug deep in the count and by the way. The last thing you ever wanted to do it dudes fishing camp and has taken because yeah check out how did you guys not look under it for adults are that's the mom and me. Hockey and not find it it's right there the daily relieving were packing up. I actually had to stop myself twice Tammy. For going on Amazon. Thank god the signal was that we're working I probably would have gone bought new ones now. Without looking under the couch my fat but was setting. The other day mr. day will leave it I'm sitting right over them my buddy Lars reaches under the couch on the excuse me he's like. If your headphones. I was sitting and under over them the entire time now. Hiding in plain sight it happens to all of his 8332871037. Believe lie is in San Marcos Levi what was hiding in plain sight now. My wallet where we're headed up to go camping in the spirit and that stopping cops Gary GAAP and the first point I realized that in my wallet menu at a somewhere in the truck which sort of part. Couldn't find it we're bar in the truck my uncle so pogo the wholly without. Call everything cancel it new card. And our return struck my uncle Eddie and about a month later we're barring yet again to do. And so my cousin called because it carted him between those two periods and say hey I think I left my phone in the truck and you look for it. And I torrent struck a par I'd look shut down. Whatever and he says it's I think it might at all between the seats. Drivers on the driver's side and so I get under the fire site. And the ownership right on top much circuit law. While the whole time right there wow it's been for a month. Yeah and on the ground and of course. Yet there is over a month via but yep I feel it on and half mile hiding in plain sight leave what was what was a better. The feeling of complete relief that you finally found the feeling of stupidity. When you found out where it was. Oh my gosh. Probably the early finding tickets there what did you like oh lord that now an adult public are sure thank you so stupid like the people who don't call my wallet. Yes I do know so yeah I've I've we've been there thanks felt all right we're gonna Robert at university heights robber what was hiding in plain sight on you. How much column your phone okay go ahead. Well I got my friends drop me off we had been you know out but dinner party and we had a good time. I had. Two black or nothing serious. I got home. Regular restaurant and then I couldn't buy my phone I was like oh my god like yeah. Does this particular. Started calling my friend. Well what. Yeah. Yeah. It. Are better people on game. It wasn't until I start friend. But at eight argue column are well. All I. On my gash now how this happened was so frantic that you thought you Boston. Was it the two glasses of wine or religion case the blind like what what was the cause here. I had to go to the bathroom so bad I just what we didn't think about any saying yeah and what are relieved might put a good. Well it might well. Right I love all your your not your first your second put your third L that Riley's area judging by my phone you're calling me on it bro. A I'm joking because I can completely understand I will look for my wallet on Sunday until it was pointed out that was holding all we have our eye on that one a million times. Or may reading glasses right cheaters out but I can't find him I'll use the ones that aren't your head or the ones that are on your shirt. You know it all.