Happy Birthday to John's Mom

Thursday, January 18th


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Happy birthday my fabulous mother. Thank you admit it. The beauty that was on age but only. Yeah I think I know what you're talking about are you referring to the video that your oldest and most favorite child the Gina at. We're gonna. I was happy. Bob very nice. You 88 GO. Has upped the ante every year. She's a first person put the photo coli. And OK I photos I've even know existed. Yeah I know what I think great yeah a lot of. This year she's upped the ante I think she Scorsese direct John Williams did the score. And now John you can just do it on your phone nowadays it's really simple. Again and that extra I get. IPhone app. The idea of course you can do is yours to your other favorite child strikes again mom happy birthday. I think if they keep they Cuban leader celebrates. You're gonna laugh back at claim my job on Thursday I'm playing my genre might. And I'm just in case there's some listening who's under the age of seventy what is mug shot I thought. I don't I think lucky in the East Coast won't but at the game that played it was started it in a tiny corner and it. Bad but I'll instead of tired. Very challenging Jim mind working in the end. Scenario that nicely as the you jiggle coffee that'll cake in place in my strong. I go to the YMCA and think that this group and it allowed inside golf that's so cute and we're going normal leave but I don't know which will be gonna recommend. Z what will we let them vote for right now. I don't know I'm. And I won't pay Paul you lack and lack of things that I don't know what he's. The rock. So outcome saying hybrid the new bungee remakes pretty good yeah hi I'm good friends are so that. And they said it was me and half sticking it is way better than the original that's what these anyway I didn't know. Many many people although they might Little Rock police commissioner general of the him all the rocks and it hasn't. If pin number two more your style bunny now to air hit. But warm yeah oracle and yet she sent you money off your. There isn't it space at one of John's favorite book says that kid that's out theaters as well. I know all our demand but I don't know we're playing. How are you recruitment mother to the children and Dallas more Noah Miley puts other things stand with us and you saw an. The bad swears maybe you'll you know alive having won the last time he got to watch a movie that you can't watch is because you're also an adult not only a mom no because I only watching kids movies exactly and then I think he's already a movie I can't because I fall asleep during those who have my husband I try to actually watch Nadal told me yeah insulate the kids and I think that they've already warning now I have to. Are you it's shocking to me and I mean this with all sincerity that you are going to a senior center today to play homage on because I don't consider to be senior. You I don't know how you do at least a look as young as as you do is remember you as a boy. I for 100 thankfully were born. I love you think he wrote is now live audio. All I'm saying she always good to see is that don't you love him more now he had a son that's what he's a power. He didn't knock it. I don't feel as though these rights won't believe that I can make up I don't know I love you mom happy birthday I'm very glad you were born. Say you saw my otherwise you wouldn't be here come into a cute but he Dubai tennis fugitive. It yeah. Don't. I don't love you mom and you pinprick.