Happy Anniversary to John's Parents!

Wednesday, December 20th


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I know you always get excited Tammy when my mother. Who can make you smile as well listen to her on the phone rights bubbly voice yet. And my father who you call respectfully the godfather he never told not to bundling all of is that something you expect him couldn't disagree on if if if if they're on the phone or joining us is anniversaries on its own. Which have won before and I'm here to my mom is joining us right now and always snowing in Rochester New York this morning. I did that I've got a late so I get to prefer a walk looking inside you election. Lee now you can't know now. 58 and you know this morning it's leading nets don't really not nice. But the nice thing is my mom and dad big round applause celebrate their fiftieth. Wedding anniversary this week. 52 years what's the secret everyone's Diane well what what's the secret to 52 years of wedded bliss. I don't know dab right here what do you think I don't know where it would have been hit got a red list those. You have it's there you have the sparks are still flying. April it and I hello god father how Mario I'm aren't barn or the back do you guys I mean 52 years. What do you push you to celebrate. What you are or Obama huge that would really right. No spoilers hey dad very Tbilisi empire strikes back. And we are all shocked as was the world when Luke discovered he was dark Peter's son and I came home I told David Mabon and you punish me for it. Don't have a partner that's. Remember your kids like whatever you do don't tell him about this is are you surprised yeah we've got to play basketball. Has its own demand. The bedroom Villa and. I've got a copy or did it. Well if you're the pieces and no one there when you see the new it has been through spoil. Bit bearers. More surprises like that in couldn't imagine. That's why don't understand idea that he gasps throughout our anyway so. Won't let him I was gonna say my husband and Kurt and I are celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary this Friday night is to. This is Tony's pressure do we do we tell 25 of Korea have something special. You know what every year's festival hall celebrate the heck out of that you know what you think. I can't celebrate anything so yeah I'm good for. Us. A pleasure to pull nearly every second you never know if he'll get to 21 so celebrated now I'm willing. I. It. There is a bit more. I say this. I wish. I I so enjoyed being with the guys over Thanksgiving. This was so so lucky and fortunate to be a part of that and which checking with the guys and Christmas but know that you are loved and admired for 52 years of showing us how it's done right so thank you for that. It won't be paid me for Christmas. Yeah well she never good we love you think you at all. The blessing of have all those years or three kids so and I'll look all these grandchildren hollering. Okay that's so. Well I'll like it I'll be spending Christmas Day with your beautiful granddaughters will give you call that okay. Are right our hair don't let this rule now that can hit it and then he hit me Chris and Mary Christmas skies. They're very good routine and happy anniversary think this we are love you are going I. The my dad was saying we think we don't need an easy guy for Christmas because my sister sprung on me at the last minute amber talked about this. Asked me to do music for weddings and don't play me like Atlanta last Millie the night before yeah and books. A man I did actually still threw for the first ever thing and he's like bishop we do we nice visiting your family can't you know I know and anyway. Well my parents 52 years ago that never fight it and no you're right they do do it right. Every morning my neck is now among the morning every morning. Most is next for me on the it is no I doubt it.